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Vera sidika needs to be honest, side affect occur because of illegal butt injections – Miss Universe kenya 2005

Vera sidika needs to be honest, side affect occur because of illegal butt injections – Miss Universe kenya 2005

Miss Universe Kenya 2005, Rachel Marete Mbuki Litvishkova has accused socialite Vera Sidika of lying about why she underwent reconstructive surgery.


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Vera Sidika used Instagram to discourage women from getting cosmetic surgery.

The Kenyan socialite, who was known for her curvaceous figure, posted a picture of her new body on Instagram on October 5 with a considerably flatter bum than usual.

She then revealed that she had difficulties as a result of previous surgery.

In response to Sidika’s post, Marete emphasized that only those who have had illegal butt injections experience the negative effects the socialite said happened to her.

The former beauty queen, wrote;

“Vera Sidika needs to be honest with people. The type of side effects she’s highlighting only happen to people who had illegal butt injections where they inject silicone or biopolymers. That means that when she was saying she was in Beverly Hills getting a BBL she was probably in a hotel somewhere getting illegal but injections.

“A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is simply a transfer of your own fat t a different part of your body. Illegal butt injections are dangerous because the silicone travels and leads to major health complications forcing one to remove them.

“If she had a BBL, there would have been no health risks after all this time. All she would have had to do was to lose weight to reduce it like the Kardashians did. If your illegal butt injections put your health at risk don’t then start intentionally stigmatizing surgery dolls that did it correctly and paid good money to have it done the right way because now you don’t have the body you used to. Your message should be “never take cheap shortcuts” not “plastic surgery is bad”. Girl please. Same way you had complications with your first set of cheap breast implants.”

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