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Reason why you should keep your child productive while on Holidays

Reason why you should keep your child productive while on Holidays

Some parents complain that their children play, disrupt, and eat excessively during the long holidays. As a result, some parents send their children to summer schools or to live with relatives. However, it is not a good idea to overlook the fact that the period is for the children to learn new things that are not taught in school.

Mrs Dorcas Omopariola, a mother of two, stated that the long holidays were for children to learn other educational or vocational skills.


“The long holiday is always tiring because children will use the opportunity to show who they are,” she explained. My children are disruptive and noisy. When I couldn’t take their tantrums any longer, I decided to let them learn a skill or whatever they were interested in. I asked them what they wanted to learn. My first son expressed an interest in learning to play the saxophone, while my second child expressed an interest in learning to bake. I began looking for a training center near me, and I was fortunate to find one with a large number of children. They were there from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“During the long summer vacation, some parents sent their children to summer coaching.” But the truth is that they had been in school for quite some time. Why put more strain on their brains? The holiday is intended for them to take vacations, learn new things, and have fun, but some still attend school during the period. The children were well-taught. There were skills to be learned, but a child can only focus on one at a time. My son learned to play the saxophone and my daughter learned to bake a cake and do other things in a month. Children learn quickly because their brains are still developing and they are not preoccupied with anything. They could also assist with house chores depending on their age. With that they will be more productive during the holidays.”

Mrs Kemi Koleowo, an educationist, also suggested that parents who are always on the go should enroll their children in extracurricular activities offered by some schools.

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Koleowo went on to say that many parents were not always available to care for their children due to the nature of their jobs, even during their children’s school holidays.

“Most parents should participate in programs offered by their children’s schools,” she adds. Depending on the type of program, some summer schools offer vocational training to students, while others host sporting events. I believe it is critical for parents to be aware of the programs because the schools publicize them even before the holidays begin.”

The educationist also stated that integrating the children into preferred programs was the best way to keep them occupied during the period, given that they would be working during the holiday.

“Some parents take their children on vacation; that is for those who can afford it,” she added. Because not everyone can afford to take their children on vacation, they are in the minority. There may not be enough time to take them on a vacation. My grandchildren’s parents encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities at school. That’s where they can keep the kids occupied during the holidays.”

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