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Music Review: Zinoleesky – A1 (Feeling Disorder)

Music Review: Zinoleesky – A1 (Feeling Disorder)

Genre-Bending Brilliance: How ‘A1 (Feeling Disorder)’ Pushes Boundaries and Sets Zinoleesky Apart

Artist NameZinoleesky
Music TitleA1 (Feeling Disorder)
No. of Track1
Date Produced3rd June, 2023
GenreAfrobeat, Afropop, and R&B
Record LabelMarlian Music
Zinoleesky – A1 (Feeling Disorder) Album Art


Zinoleesky, whose real name is Oniyide Azeez, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer who has captured the hearts of music lovers with his unique style and melodious voice.

Born on November 21, 1995, in Lagos, Nigeria, Zinoleesky developed a passion for music from a young age.

He began his musical journey by recording and releasing cover songs on social media platforms, which garnered attention and praise from listeners.

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Zinoleesky’s music blends elements of Afrobeats, pop, and street-hop, creating a unique and infectious sound that appeals to a diverse audience.

His soulful voice, coupled with heartfelt lyrics, allows him to connect deeply with listeners on an emotional level.

About the song: A1 (Feeling Disorder) – LYRICAL ANALYSIS


The lyrics of Zinoleesky’s “A1 (Feeling Disorder)” talks about complex and emotionally charged relationship.

The song opens with the line, “She’s like ‘Tell me what you see when you look at me,'” indicating a desire for deeper understanding and connection.

The introduction sets the stage for introspection and vulnerability.

In the first verse, Zinoleesky describes the intense physical attraction between him and the woman in question.

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He mentions her wetness, comparing it to a tsunami, and expresses his willingness to meet her father, emphasizing his desire to pursue a serious relationship.

The lyrics suggest that she arouses his adrenaline and fuels his desire to provide for her instantly, even mentioning the possibility of buying a Bugatti.

Zinoleesky playfully uses court and legal terms to express his infatuation, stating he would sue that thing, further emphasizing his affection.

The chorus delves into the complexity of their connection. Zinoleesky acknowledges that she is not his girlfriend but enjoys her company during his turn with her.

He describes her passion, screaming his name and wanting to tear his clothes. The lyrics depict a Sunday encounter, metaphorically comparing his house to her church, indicating a sacred space for their intimate moments.

The lines also highlight her willingness to please him wherever he touches her and her willingness to bring the sexual aspect into their connection.

The post-chorus delves deeper into their dynamic. Zinoleesky questions her feelings, wondering if she genuinely loves him or if she simply desires physical intimacy.

He questions if she has a “feeling disorder,” hinting at the complexity and confusion surrounding their relationship. The lyrics suggest that they may only be “feeling each other,” indicating a lack of commitment or emotional depth.

In the second verse, Zinoleesky reveals his emotional vulnerability and disappointment. He expresses feeling downcast and betrayed by her actions, questioning why she treated him the way she did.

He admits that he is ready to defend himself against any potential rivals for her affection and emphasizes that she is the one he relies on for support.

Despite her toxic and bad behavior, he finds it hard to detach from their connection, suggesting a complex mix of emotions and attachment.

Overall, “A1 (Feeling Disorder)” explores the complexities of a passionate yet complicated relationship.

The lyrics delve into the intense physical attraction, the confusion surrounding the emotional connection, and the challenges of toxic behavior.

Zinoleesky’s introspective lyrics and emotional delivery add depth and vulnerability to the song, making it a thought-provoking and relatable exploration of human relationships and their complexities.


In conclusion, Zinoleesky’s “A1 (Feeling Disorder)” takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, delving into the complexities of human connections.

With his heartfelt storytelling and soul-stirring vocals, Zinoleesky captures the highs and lows of love, passion, and betrayal in a mesmerizing way.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the raw and vulnerable moments we experience in relationships, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

This track solidifies Zinoleesky as a gifted artist with a deep understanding of human emotions. “A1 (Feeling Disorder)” is a testament to his ability to create music that resonates on a profound level, making it an essential addition to any music lover’s playlist. Through this captivating song, Zinoleesky cements his place in the Nigerian music scene as a force to be reckoned with, and leaves us eagerly anticipating his future releases.

I encourage you to listen to the album and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more album reviews and other exciting content on this blog.

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