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Moses Armstrong: Biography, Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Children, Education.

Moses Armstrong: Biography, Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Children, Education.

Lets talk About the full Biography Of Moses Armstrong, a Nigerian Actor and also a singer whom has gone viral On Social Media after he was allegedly caught using power to get on-top of a minor, 16 years old girl in his hometown “Akwa Ibom”.

Moses Armstrong: Biography, Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Children, Education.

Moses Armstrong Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Moses Armstrong
Date Of Birth:1970s
State Of Origin:Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Education:Catering and Hotel Management in Seoul, South Korea
Occupation:Actor – Singer – Politician
Net Worth:$900k
Wife:Late. Rita Armstrong (M. 2005 – 2018)
Children:4 Girls

Moses Armstrong Biography

Moses Armstrong is a well-known actor and singer in Nigerian. In 1999, he debuted in the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood). He was born and raised in Nigeria’s south-Southern state of Akwa Ibom. Kissing the Wind, Spiritual Challenge, and Western Union are among the films in which Moses Armstrong has appeared.

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Who Is Moses Armstrong

Moses Armstrong is a popular Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Singer and also A politician in his hometown, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He actually appeared in some interesting Nollywood Movies in likes of; Bye Bye Poverty, Ajiko Forest, Come In Peace, Bank Manager, Immoral Act, Last Contact, and others are among the films in which he have appeared.

Moses Armstrong, who has appeared in a few films, is enthusiastic about the film industry, which he considers to be a good one. He believes that he will become a superstar in the shortest amount of time possible.

Moses Armstrong Education And Qualification

He is hesitant to discuss his educational background because many individuals have lied about their school backgrounds in Nigeria, and he does not want his to appear to be a Toronto thing, but he claims to have studied Catering and Hotel Management at Sunwa University in Seoul, South Korea.

Moses Armstrong: Biography, Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Career, Children, Education.

Moses Armstrong Wife – Children

Is Moses Armstrong Married? Moses married the love of his life, Rita, who tragically died in a dreadful car accident on her way back to Uyo. Rita was claimed to have suffered lesions to her spinal cord. May her soul find eternal rest.

Is Moses Armstrong A Politician? He has recently been appointed as the governor of Akwa Ibom State’s Special Adviser on Agriculture.

We actually do not have full details on the Biography of Moses Armstrong, but we have some interview he had with some news media few years ago, i think you might find it useful. An interview with him on various news media is available below, in which he discusses himself, his career, and his personal life.

Career In Acting:

I, like everyone else, go to auditions. I work hard for roles and am rewarded for my efforts. I’ve never asked for a part because I’m a friend of the producer, and no one has ever given me a part because I’m a friend of the producer.

Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi cast me in a supporting role in the film “Bodyguard,” which was my debut, and I am grateful to God that I performed so well that the director complimented me and told me that it was a fantastic performance that I should keep up.

The Best Role I Played:

All of my roles are challenging to me, and it has pushed me to new heights. I always give it my all and make sure it turns out good. Recently, I had a prominent role in the film “Ajiko Forest,” in which I portrayed a wealthy chief, and Zack Orji had another role in the film.

I sponsored him for governor of the state with three billion naira in the film, and with my status in the film, I abducted Zack Orji, making the part extremely difficult. I’m grateful to God that the marketer complimented me as well. He complimented my performance by adding, “You carry this role wear for body like garment.” The marketer had to explain that I approached it from a different perspective than the script.

What Motivates You?

I believe that in the film industry, one must be himself or herself, and whatever one does must be done well. My inspiration comes from my unique profession since I believe that as an individual, I am eager to discover how I can positively impact people’s lives.

Directorial Relationships

It may seem horrible, but some filmmakers would want to make me feel bad by pushing me around, but there is no director with whom I cannot collaborate. I was working with Dickson Iroegbu at the time, and he informed me that anytime I came to his auditions, I might not be awarded any position, and that it was probably not my time to work with him yet.

He called me one day and said that one of the reasons he likes me is that even though I come to his auditions and am not chosen, I don’t take it personally, and that if it were other actors, they would take it personally by not greeting the director again, but I don’t.

Recruiting For a Role

Some directors recognized my versatility and gave me the opportunity to appear in their films. One of them was Bodyguard, in which I played a supporting role. I also had a significant role in the film “Trap.” I played a supporting role in Soldier Boy, a supporting role in Investigator, and a supporting role in other films.

Role Model In Acting

Albert Shino is one of my favorite actors because he has a very natural demeanor. I also appreciate Emeka Ike because he acts like a Nigerian and speaks in a natural manner; he does not speak in a foreign accent unless the film requires it. I had the opportunity to work with Emeka Ike in Soldier Boy, where I played a supporting role, and I had learned a lot from him.

His Interest In Comedy?

Many people have seen me as a comedian, and some directors have told me that if I go into comedy, I’ll be successful quickly. However, I don’t want to be stereotyped, so I’d rather make an effect first. Rather than categorizing me as a comedian, I want people to perceive me as a close-by actor who can be called in for other roles.


There are obstacles, but I am confident in my abilities. When I’m assigned a role, I know I have to be good at it. There are times when I have to work extremely hard at an audition, believing that I would be cast, just to lose that role due to bias or because someone has a sibling on set, which is extremely painful, disheartening, and depressing, but I don’t appear to be disheartened. Another difficulty I encountered was maintaining consistency, which is difficult.

Acting In the Best Film

I’ve always done well in all of my films, but Soldier Boy and Ajiko Forest stand out as my favorites. Despite the fact that I had been acting, I had grasped what it takes to be an actor, which is all about delivery and expression, which I implemented in Soldier Boy, to the delight of the director.

The Things He Likes Doing By his Self

I’m not being amusing; whenever I wash my dirty clothing, I’m overjoyed because I don’t like anybody washing my clothes, not even my girlfriend, dry cleaners, or even my wife, because I wear the clothes and know where they are dirty. Or it could be while I’m on set that I’m the happiest.

The Difficulties of Being a Celebrity

It’s not easy right now because I don’t have a car; I have to take the bus, then wait at the bus stop; it’s not that I don’t want to take buses; it’s just that I have to take a clean one, and I always sit in the front. Every single person on the street knows me, and I don’t know most of them, so most of the time I have to take an Okada, even if I don’t have enough money, just to be comfortable.

When I don’t have much money on me, I have to eat at a canteen. On a particular Sunday morning, I went to eat there, but the canteen where I usually eat was closed, so I had to go to another canteen, where, while eating beans and bread, I met two ladies who were stunned and stared at me, wondering why I had come to eat there, they were happy and thought I would pose, but I did not.

They liked me because of this, and once we’d all done dining, I paid their bills, and we became friends. People call me even as I’m walking down the street, and I have to respond so as not to offend or embarrass them, which makes me extra cautious and cautious.

Moses Armstrong Net Worth

I’m not going to disclose it since it’s personal, but I’m shooting for the million-naira mark. Moses Armstrong has a net worth of over $900,000, making him one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most powerful actors.

Social Life Is Important.

I enjoy making new friends, especially women, because they provide me with a different perspective on life. Guys irritate me because they gossip about me because they are envious of me. I’ve had several bad experiences with guys, which has caused me to avoid them. I also spend my time watching Nigerian films because each one teaches me something new about the Nigerian culture.

How I Carry Out My Roles

As an actor, there is no role that I cannot do; I take on whatever role that is given to me and perform well in it, as long as it is decent and accurately depicts my character and abilities.

Negative Roles to Play

I will perform in any capacity as long as I am paid for it and as long as the Nigerian Censors Board accepts and approves it. Why not? If a director wants me to perform naked and I’m paid for it, I’ll do it!

Costumes Of the Highest Quality

I prefer suites because they make me feel corporate, and people will notice how well I dress when they see me.

Films And the Lessons They Teach

It is about an agreement; before entering into such an arrangement, an individual must read and understand the conditions of the agreement. While playing Soldier Boy, being envious and greedy is not a nice thing to do because it leads to death.

Films In Which You Have Acted

Bye Bye Poverty, Ajiko Forest, Come In Peace, Bank Manager, Immoral Act, Last Contact, and others are among the films in which I have appeared.

Thank You for reading the Full Biography And Net Worth of Moses, in aspect of his Date Of Birth, State Of Origin, Marriage, Children, House, Cars, Educational Background, Qualifications, Childhood, History, Wikipedia, Bio, Siblings and lots more.

If you have any additional information about The Full Biography And Profile Of Moses Armstrong, you can help us by reaching us out, in the comment section below

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