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[Lyrics] Davido Ft. Asake – No Competition | Full Review

[Lyrics] Davido Ft. Asake – No Competition | Full Review

Off his eagerly awaited new album, “Timeless,” comes the song “No Competition”. Fans and music lovers all are anxiously awaiting the release of the album, and the release of this new song has sparked their excitement and anticipation.

Davido Ft. Asake – No Competition” features two of Nigeria’s biggest names in the music industry, Davido and Asake, and was produced by Magic Boi.

The song starts with a catchy beat that is both vibrant and upbeat, setting the tone for the entire track. Davido’s first verse talks about his love for a special woman, whom he describes as the only one for him. He promises to always be there for her and to never let anyone come between them. He exudes confidence in his lyrics and boasts about his woman.

Asake’s verse comes in next, and he adds his unique flavor to the song with his distinct vocals and flow. He gives the song his own unique touch with his soulful vocals, giving a heartfelt verse that perfectly balances Davido’s vocals. The two musicians’ beautiful harmonies together will leave listeners desiring more.

The chorus is where the title of the song comes in, and it is both catchy and easy to sing along to. The lyrics convey the message that there is no competition.

The production of the song is top-notch, with the beat complementing the lyrics and vocals of both artists. The mix and mastering are also done to a high standard, with every instrument and vocal being clear and well-balanced.

[Lyrics] Davido Ft. Asake – No Competition | Full Review
[Lyrics] Davido Ft. Asake – No Competition | Full Review

The song’s popularity is a testament to the talents of Davido and Asake, who have been consistent in churning out hit after hit. “No Competition” is a great addition to any afrobeat playlist and will have listeners dancing and singing along to its infectious beat.

In conclusion, “Davido Ft. Asake – No Competition” is a timeless hit that continues to captivate listeners in 2023. The song’s catchy beat, confident lyrics, and top-notch production make it a standout track in the Nigerian music industry.

Davido has already given fans a preview of the upcoming album “Timeless,” which looks to be a masterpiece. Collaborations with some of the biggest names in the domestic and global music industry are anticipated for the album. As Davido explores with various musical genres and techniques, it is anticipated that it will also demonstrate his versatility as an artist.

I will wrap up by saying that “No Competition” is a lovely song that will solidify Davido’s status as one of the biggest music artists in Africa.

You shouldn’t miss this amazing hit song for anything.

Play ‘No Competition by Davido ft. Asake’ Below:

Davido Ft. Asake – No Competition Lyrics

No competi-competi-
Competition for my lady
Eh eh, uhhh no
‘Cause she get everything wey I need in a woman and more
My lady, if you see my lady o
This na number one
You go know sey people fine
You go know God designi na helele
(Oh, na helele, oh ai)
Shey na yansh o (eh), be like mattress (eh)
Shey na face o (eh), be like actress (eh)
I say nobody fit contesti o
Uh-uh-uh, with my baby o

Shey na yansh o, shey na face o
Shey na waist o, unna no be mate o
Uh-uh, wo-wo-wo-wo-wo
Nobody to fit contesti o, uh

My Agbani Darego
Olo mi, my Nene go
Omo mummy, ele daddy
Mista money, like lepa shandi
Ṣo mọ pe you carry, o tobi
O l’ara, o l’omi
Fa mi mọra, Angelina Jolie
Iwo nikan, nikan, nikan, nikan, o ti to mi
Mo ko ẹ jẹ bii ti Indomie
Di rọ mọ mi, no go leave me lonely
Gbagbe jonzing, make you leave the story
Ma lọ kan’ra mọ mi, ’cause you see me stoning
Iwọ ṣa maa wo mi
Bi mo ṣe n jo, iwọ ṣa maa wo mi
Oo ni problem, iwọ l’alabaro mi
Ọlọlade o, k’ori mi maa ta ko mi ooo

You’re my soul, my soul
You be the melody for my soul
Girlie you’re my all, my all
Can’t leave you alone

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