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Leaked audio of Sandra Iheuwa appealing with her ex-husband Steve Thompson to accept her back has drawn mixed emotions.

Leaked audio of Sandra Iheuwa appealing with her ex-husband Steve Thompson to accept her back has drawn mixed emotions.

Leaked audio of Sandra Iheuwa appealing with her ex-husband Steve Thompson to accept her back has drawn mixed emotions.

Nigerians respond to the tape of Sandra Iheuwa pleading with her ex-husband Steve Thompson to keep their marriage together that was leaked.

There is a leaked audio online showing Sandra Iheuwa appealing with her ex-husband Steve Thompson to accept her back.

Sandra Iheuwa was heard pleading with her ex-husband to accept her back as his wife in a now-viral audio clip.

In the aforementioned tape, Steve Thompson was adamant about breaking up with Sandra because of the lies she spread about him.

Many people were disappointed in him for capturing her at her most vulnerable state on social media.

Sandra Iheuwa
Sandra Iheuwa

You are sharing my private call recordings from months ago to bloggers all because I wanted PEACE but your heart towards me is so evil and wicked filled with hate for me that you recorded my call and sharing it to blogs……👏👏👏👏What do you want to prove? How do you feel awesome? Your pride and ego must be high now? I am not ashamed of begging for peace but I’m ashamed of you for being immature. I’m speaking up cos all I keep hearing is you will die, God will kill, sometimes I feel something will happen to me…

When I try to seek peace, please why do you hate me and your son so so much? Telling us to go and die….Even all the pleading to let peace reign? What exactly did I do? Steve Maduka what did I and your son do to you? The hatred is beyond me 😭😭😭😭 and yet seeking custody of my son in court that he hasn’t seen or provided for. It is well

I really hate that I’m doing this but I have to at this point. I don’t know why this man hates me and my son so much….The same man that asked me to marry him that he would protect me and treat me better….now he’s trying to use my past against me and fabricating lies against me. If I don’t fight for myself and son who will? God knows I tried my best to make peace with this man privately but he’s bent on trying to destroy me to the extend of threatening me. This is me speaking up.


One King Razz wrote, “Why is the man recording the conversation self? This man ehhhh

One Nwa Akaego wrote, “When you marry a boy instead of a man, imagine recording a conversation between you and someone you claimed to love, all because of social media validation. Mtchewwwwww

One Franca Sown wrote, “There is nothing wrong with this but the man is obviously done

One Mr Abara wrote, “Nothing wrong with her begging. And nothing wrong with him saying no. It’s marriage. It’s not easy. We all know this

One Niky Beautie wrote, “It’s her husband and her marriage I don’t see anything wrong in someone trying to make things work out btw them the man dey mean Sha the NO loud

One Tracy Ikhille wrote, “You destroy the marriage on social media during the day but beg at night? This woman needs to get therapy. And she attracts crazy men they prey on her vulnerability on bring out the worse in her just to publicly humiliate her.

One Nat wrote, “There’s nothing wrong with a woman trying to make her marriage work but don’t ever do it. Move on Sandra. Steve look for you by himself and if he doesn’t let it go. Even with the kind of sisters Steve has, they’re contributors of problem to her marriage with Steve. Sandra, leave him and focus on your children. Steve is not man enough

One Marsh Mellow wrote, “But this woman has been shading this man since, calling him an exposed illiterate and shaded his car….he drops this and y’all are calling him names? The name he shouted NO!! Omo, Ma only am know wetin him eyes done see

One Ijelen Nwanyi wrote, “Please what is wrong with a woman begging for her marriage to work?Is it a crime to love? Some of you beg your husbands even when he cheats on you and you are here mocking Sandra”.

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