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Korra Obidi Makes Bombshell Revelation: “I Paid Half of My Bride Price and Settled My Ex with $50k After Our Divorce”

Korra Obidi Makes Bombshell Revelation: “I Paid Half of My Bride Price and Settled My Ex with $50k After Our Divorce”

How I paid half of my bride price and settled my ex, Justin Dean with $50,000 after our divorce – Korra Obidi

Nigerian-American dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has recently dropped some bombshell revelations about her marriage and divorce that has shocked many of her fans. In a bold move, Korra revealed that she paid half of her bride price and also a hefty amount of $50k to her ex-husband, Justin Dean, following their divorce.

Korra Obidi

Korra’s revelation comes in response to fans of Justin Dean who have been trolling her on social media, claiming that her husband brought her out of poverty and gave her opportunities in the United States. But Korra set the record straight, stating that she met her husband in China and paid him $50,000 in a divorce settlement, and he did not give her a dime.

In her own words, Korra said, “Do you realize I paid half of my bride price? He took me out of poverty? Does any part of my family look poor to you? Anyone thinking he saved me and put me in the land of opportunity… No, that’s not what happened we both met in China. I paid him 50,000 dollars, but he did not give me one dime. I had to settle him after divorce.”

This revelation may not come as a surprise to some, as during the divorce, Justin Dean had allegedly demanded spousal support, which Korra refused to pay. However, she has been taking care of their two children, paying for their school fees and health insurance without any contribution from her ex.

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In addition to the financial drama, Justin also threatened to sue Korra over her tell-all book, Korra is Live, where she revealed the abuse and belittling she suffered from her estranged husband. Despite this, the book has become a top seller on Amazon and tells Korra’s side of the story of their divorce, as well as covers her professional life.

Korra Obidi

Despite the drama, Korra remains focused on moving forward in peace with her ex, for the sake of their children. She stated that she is open to co-parenting and has been taking steps to ensure that her children are not affected by the divorce. It remains to be seen how the drama between Korra and Justin will continue to unfold, but her fans are standing by her and supporting her through this difficult time.

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In conclusion, Korra Obidi’s revelations provide a glimpse into the complexities of marriage, divorce, and the often-overlooked aspect of the bride price. It is a reminder that marriage is not just about love and companionship, but also about financial independence, literacy, and responsibilities.

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