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“I don’t regret my actions”, Portable says in response to Headies’ disqualification.

“I don’t regret my actions”, Portable says in response to Headies’ disqualification.

Portable was nominated in the ‘Best Street Artist’ and ‘Rookie of the Year categories of the awards.


The organizers of The Headies awards, which take place later this year, disqualified singer Habeeb Okikiola, aka Portable, on Tuesday evening for being the subject of a criminal investigation.

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Another reason for his disqualification was a claim that he is the founder of ‘One Million Boys,’ a suspected cult group in Lagos.

In response to the news of his disqualification, the controversial called the award organizers’ bluff in an Instagram video.

“I am a child of light. I have fame, I have money, I have cars, I have wives, I have children. I am rich. People know me everywhere. I don’t regret my actions”, the singer said in a video while being caressed by his new wife.

Portable has been in the news for a variety of infamous reasons since achieving celebrity status.

Portable was nominated for the awards’ ‘Best Street Artist’ and ‘Rookie of the Year’ categories, along with Av, Fave, Magixx, and Ugocci.

The Headies secretariat assured the Nigerian music audience of its commitment to promoting talents and individuals of exemplary character in the best interests of society in a statement.

“We regret to announce that following numerous indicting statements made by Mr Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as “Portable”, and the incessant negative attention that Mr Okikiola has garnered from the Nigeria Police and the general public in recent times, the organisers of the Headies have resolved to disqualify Mr Okikiola as a nominee at the forthcoming 15th Headies Awards,” the statement reads.

Smooth Promotions, the organization behind the Headies Awards, claims to be a law-abiding and responsible organization that despises any form of violence, unlawful gathering, or activities wreaking havoc on our society.

“We shall not condone reckless and uncouth statements from artists and at this moment disassociate ourselves from any individual linked to such assembly or activities, including Mr Okikiola’s prospects, as long as these acts are sufficiently linked to him as described.

“The music industry demands all-around excellence. It is extremely important for young artists to be potential role models to exude professional responsibility, pretiquettecorum and respect for others,” the statement adds.

The Headies Awards organizers attribute Portable’s disqualification from the ceremony to a series of misdemeanors committed via his social media platforms.
On May 25, the ‘Zazu Zeh’ singer threatened to kill, harm, or cause harm to the other nominees for the same awards for which he was nominated if he did not win.

“Those are my awards,” he said. Anyone else who wins, I will request that they be killed. I will request that they murder the individual. They will die if the organizers give my award to someone else.”

In a statement, the organisers condemned the controversial artiste for threatening the lives of fellow nominees.

On July 18, Portable posted a video on his Instagram page where he boasted that he is the founder of the notorious cult group ‘One Million Boys’.

He said, “Have you heard of Ajah boys, One Million Boys? I established them.”

This prompted the police to investigate his activities, even though he had since recanted the statement, claiming that he was referring to his one million followers on Instagram.

Before that, on June 17, the singer recorded himself where he ordered his group of friends to assault and inflict bodily harm on his accused friend, DJ Chicken.

He said, ‘E na eleyi paa jo!’ (beat him mercilessly!).

But in a video, Portable said he would kill any other award winner if the organisers failed to hand him the award.

His Instagram fans anticipate a showdown between the artiste and the Headies organisers, going by their comments on his last post.

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