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“I don’t know what your problem is” – Grealish blasts Liverpool legend.

“I don’t know what your problem is” – Grealish blasts Liverpool legend.

Jack Grealish, a midfielder for Manchester City, has criticized Graeme Souness, a former player for Liverpool, for his constant criticism of him.


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Grealish has faced a lot of criticism since his record-breaking £100 million transfer from Aston Villa to Man City last year, with Souness being possibly his most vocal critic.

Grealish has only scored seven goals and provided four assists in 45 appearances for the Premier League title Man City, and this has drawn criticism from many.

Grealish has also been referred to by Souness as a “good, not great player,” and it has been said that he keeps the ball in his possession for too long.

But Grealish has responded to Souness by declaring that the only person he will listen to for advise on how to play is his manager, Pep Guardiola.

“I don’t know what his [Souness’] problem is with me. He always says stuff about me, Grealish said while on international duty with England ahead of their UEFA Nations League fixtures with Italy and Germany.”

“It is difficult [to ignore] when he’s on Sky Sports and it is everywhere around the training ground. He was a great player and won a lot, but I don’t know what problem he’s got.”

“I know he has said a lot of stuff about me not moving the ball quicker but when I am playing for a manager like Pep Guardiola and he is telling me to keep the ball as much as I can and have balls to take it everywhere, that is what I will try to do.”

“I always watch my games back and I am very critical of myself. I know that there were games, especially in the second half of last season, where I was not at my best at all.”

“I will always have people on my back. When I signed for City and the price that came with it, I knew it was not going to all be laughs, unless I started the way Erling Haaland did. That is the only way I wouldn’t get caned!.”

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