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“Dont barge into the bathroom or their bedroom without knocking, claiming  that you are their parent” – Eucharia Anunobi advises married couple

“Dont barge into the bathroom or their bedroom without knocking, claiming  that you are their parent” – Eucharia Anunobi advises married couple

Eucharia Anunobi, a veteran Nollywood actress and evangelist, has advised couples to stop hiding their finances and assets from each other and to learn how to manage their children’s privacy as parents.

According to the actress, there are numerous disadvantages to keeping your finances hidden from your partner.

Eucharia Anunobi
Eucharia Anunobi

“Let me ask you one question :  As a married person, if something  tragic happens to you now  or you get critically ill , who will be the first person to be  called? Your husband or wife right? Yet you hide your money or properties from your husband or wife ? Hmmmm .

Your child has entered  puberty , yet you still bath him or her  or bath together with him or her or you barge into the bathroom while they are bathing , or their bedroom without knocking ,  claiming  that you are their parent , are you alright? Surely you are not alright !

You are Married,  yet you sleep in separate bedrooms,  claiming you need your space and peace : why did you get married in the first  place ??


STOP NORMALISING THE ABNORMAL,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

Remember how Eucharia Anunobi stated that sexual intimacy prior to marriage should be encouraged?

The actress said in a video posted on her Instagram page that proponents of the no sex before marriage agenda are insane.

Eucharia asked how couples can tell if their partner is good in bed if they don’t have sex before marriage.

She said, “What is this whole noise about no sex before marriage? How can someone, how can anyone say that someone should not indulge in sexual activities with someone who has already proposed?

“The proponent of this whole wicked agenda of no sex before marriage must be completely out of their minds. If they are not out of their minds, how can they recommend such a wicked thing?

“How do I get to know if my intended is good in bed?”

She also stated that it’s difficult to abstain from sex with the one you’re attracted to.

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