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Dablixx – Pray We Live Long | MP3 Download [video + Lyrics]

Dablixx – Pray We Live Long | MP3 Download [video + Lyrics]

Dablixx – Pray We Live Long | MP3 Download

Oniyide Azeez known professionally as Dablixx Osha also called Osha Marleba is a 26 years old Nigerian trap rapper and songwriter born in Lagos State.

He became an internet sensation after dropping series of Instagram freestyles which saw him exhibiting his ability to trap using indigenous Yoruba dialect.

Dablixx Osha signed under MMG Records gain fans on daily basis through his melodious flow. He’s another industry newly discovered gold.

Nigerian Hip-Hop rap artist Dablixx drops a new amazing record dubbed “Pray We Live Long,” which production work was done by Master T.

Listen to the audio below:

Dablixx – Pray We Live Long | MP3

Dablixx – Pray We Live Long Video

Dablixx – Pray We Live Long Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Black god

People say truly if they come back, yeah
But I say truly if they never left, yeah
Life fuck me up times without number, yeah
Young nigga dying but them never care, yeah

Even without no shoes, still stand on my ten toes
Why you trynna stop me but I thought you were my friend bro
I can’t see your true color even with my lens bro
Now I heard, you’re playing fuckin’ around with my ex-girl

Fuck you dog, why are you snitching?
Run around with my bitches
Don’t know why you trynna kill me?
Trynna shot me but you miss

You’re in trouble, yeah
I can trash you
If I let my nigga do it, they’re gonna crush you
Don’t wanna hurt you

My mother dreamt about me dying
But I told her she lying
She said, she saw my niggas on that bad that night
I don’t wanna die young
I just wanna live long (under the street o boy)
I don’t wanna die young

Gistlux Nelson

David is an Entertainment, Sport blogger and a Graphics designer. He is on a mission to help everyday entertainment news, Gossips, Sports and Legit online making tips.

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