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Career: Common Career Change Mistakes to avoid

Career: Common Career Change Mistakes to avoid

Are you dissatisfied and unhappy at work, and it’s time for a change. As wonderful as the notion is, the following steps you take must be suited to you personally and professionally. Making a clear route now will save you from tripping in the middle of a change.

While we don’t want to obstruct your progress, there are some potential problems that you may not have considered. Here are six blunders to avoid while changing careers.

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  1. Uncertainty about your identity
    In every venture, you must start from the very beginning. When it comes to career changes, the first step is not the job, as many people assume, but you. Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test to discover what motivates you, how you manage your own energy, and how you learn. When you take the time to reflect on what is most important to you, you will be able to utilize it to your advantage in your job hunt. One of the first things your prospective new employer will need is that you introduce yourself. The following question is why you are looking for a change. If you’ve previously acknowledged how you’ve contributed to the issues you’re facing in your present employment, you’re in a wonderful position to respond to this question honestly. You can also learn that it’s not so much your career that has to change as it is your thinking.
  2. Lack of a defined plan: While you can quit your present employment without having your next one lined up, you should at least know where you’re going next. Every step between the two need a detailed strategy complete with timeframes and precise, measurable targets. It is critical to evaluate the target. Is this the best professional move for you? Are you selling yourself short by underestimating your abilities? Are you depending on a wing and a prayer rather than the knowledge and expertise required? Don’t appear naive. Examine your current situation: Are you moving too quickly? Were there any possibilities for growth or progress that you missed? Are you in an industry that need a long-term perspective with future potential? Don’t appear eager or utilize the shift to skip stages that are required in your industry. Perhaps you have family or other outside responsibilities coming up soon. Is it reasonable to postpone your job change for them?
  3. Being in a precarious financial situation: Under the best of circumstances, changing occupations is a physical, mental, emotional, and financial burden. If you aren’t prepared for a financial transition until a new salary is in place, consider delaying the shift until you are. If you have individuals who rely on your income, make an effort to talk with them and chart a mutually secure course. If money is your primary motivation for changing careers, you’re doing it wrong: No amount of money can compensate for being in a new job that you dislike. When you’re not interested in them or their firm, potential employers can tell. Feeling like you have to acquire this new job will put you under a lot of pressure, which will show during the interviews, and not in a positive manner. Don’t appear desperate.
  4. Failure to do your assignments: Knowing the many roads that lead to your objective makes sense. Are you making a career or job change? Career changes alter the industry you work in, sometimes dramatically. Job changes are changes you make within the industry you enjoy. You may be in the appropriate industry but working for the wrong firm. Concentrate on whether it makes more sense to strengthen your existing talents or to learn a totally new skill set. Look before you leap. Talk to the people who are already where you want to be. Learn what’s typical about the company’s salary, bonus, health care, flex hours, advancement opportunities, and educational benefits. Get an understanding of the intangibles like company stability, culture, and contentment. What will your commute look like? What are their views on issues like work-from-home programs? Don’t romanticize the career or overlook the fine print in your enthusiasm. The grass isn’t always greener.

5.  Not asking for help

This is the time to leverage your professional network. Go to networking events, find a mentor, and foster those working relationships. Don’t assume that people know you are looking for a new position, put out the word. If you’ve been investing in others all along, don’t be afraid to do some asking. Open dialogue with peers in the industry and ask how they arrived at where they are. Ask if they’d be willing to let you shadow them in their jobs. Better yet, ask if they can introduce you to a few key colleagues and expand your network.

It’s time to polish your resume and update your LinkedIn profile. You can rebrand yourself and tell a fresh narrative, letting people know how you wish to be viewed and avoiding stale roles you are trying to leave behind. Make sure you are current in the job you’re trying to get with marketable skills, specialized industry vocabulary, and education. New careers aren’t usually achieved through a straight line, but through a maze of people and opportunities. Having these tools in hand will clear the path for your career shift.

In conclusion, if you know it’s time to make a career shift, take the necessary actions to make it happen. Overanalyzing can result in paralysis and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Let’s bypass the last most common mistake to avoid when looking to shift careers and never, never, never give up.

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