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Bobrisky’s stunning Eid outfit sparks reactions on social media

Bobrisky’s stunning Eid outfit sparks reactions on social media

The stunning Eid attire of Bobrisky creates a buzz on social media, leaving everyone in awe of his fashion sense

Bobrisky, the famous Nigerian crossdresser, has done it again! This time, he set tongues wagging with his stunning Eid outfit, and social media is buzzing with excitement. It’s no secret that Bobrisky is known for his flamboyant style and out-of-the-box fashion sense, but this time, he has truly outdone himself.

The Eid celebration is a significant event in the Islamic calendar, and people usually dress in their best attire to mark the occasion. Bobrisky, being the fashion icon that he is, took it to the next level by donning a gorgeous green and gold traditional outfit, complete with a matching turban and gold accessories.

The pictures of his outfit quickly went viral on social media, with many people praising him for his bold fashion statement. Others couldn’t resist cracking jokes and memes about Bobrisky’s outfit, but regardless of the reactions, it’s undeniable that he managed to steal the show.

Sharing the photos online, Bobrisky wished his fans a happy Eid celebration. He wrote, “Happy Eid, guys.”


This isn’t the first time Bobrisky has caused a stir on social media with his fashion choices. He is known for his bold and daring outfits, which he flaunts with confidence and grace. His influence on Nigerian fashion is undeniable, and he continues to push boundaries and inspire people to express themselves through their clothing.


Bobrisky’s Eid outfit has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he knows how to make a statement. So, if you’re ever in doubt about what to wear, just remember Bobrisky’s motto: “If you like it, wear it, and flaunt it with pride!”

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