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BBNaija: List of  All Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates [NAMES, photos]

BBNaija: List of  All Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates [NAMES, photos]

The names and photos of the Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates who will appear in the Big Brother Naija Live show with the theme Level Up in 2022 have been compiled.

BBNaija season 7

BBNaija seventh season got off to a great start, with presenter Ebuka bringing his A-game. One distinguishing feature of tonight’s performance is the presence of a live audience. The season’s slogan is “Level Up.”

Asake opened the first show with a musical performance. The housemates for Big Brother Naija Season 7 were then revealed. The current season’s roommates on the show are listed below;



Amaka hails from Anambra state.. She is playing for the money. She is an extremist who believes in going hard or going home. She describes herself as a go-getter who pursues whatever she desires. She hopes to disappoint anyone who thinks a man will win the season this year.

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In an interview with media personality Ebuka Uchendu, Beauty, who claims to be a straightforward person, revealed that she would bring all the honesty to the show. 

She also claimed to be an excellent cook who does not believe in love at first sight. Beauty is a former beauty queen from Taraba state. She claims to be bringing a lot of energy to the house.



Bryann claims he can be deliberately annoying. Bryann says he’s in the show to show off all of his skills. He brings vigour and drama. He’s at ease in his own skin. He enjoys making music. He does not believe in falling in love at first sight. He is a single pringle who may be looking for love.

Christy O

Christy O

Christy O enjoys sarcasm as a way of entertaining and annoying people. She says she is all shades of fun. She can never be caught off guard. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight because she doesn’t want to ‘chop breakfast.’ She hails from Ondo state.



Cyph, a native of Mbaise in Imo state, stated that we can expect him to cruise and drama. He claims to enjoy food and to believe in love at first sight. He also revealed his plans to socialize with the other housemates.



Daniella, a 22-year-old poet, dislikes drama. The twin aspires to be recognized as a poet. She is honest and open, a jack of all trades and a master of some. She doesn’t completely believe in love at first sight. She is from the Cross River state town of Obudu.



Groovy with the real name, Stanley Orakwe is from Anambra state and will be bringing vibes, drama and laughter to the house



Ilebaye who is a native of Kogi state said we should expect Gen Z drama from her. According to her, she’s a lover but not going to be a shipper.


Kess, who is the only married man in this season, with the full support of his wife, says he is bringing good vibes and will be leaving his marriage aside to concentrate on the game.


Khalid who is a native of Plateau state and p basketball stated that he is a great artist and boxer. He further disclosed that he is single but not searching and doesn’t believe in love on first sight.



Saviour says he is super confident with an amazing sense of humour. He believes the platform will showcase his acting passion. The pharmacist says he is in the house to show love. He is a lover of peace and has never been a fan of crisis.



Phyna claims to be easily irritated. She brings a lot of energy, vibe, and drama to the table. Drama, according to Phyna, could mean violence. She is also bringing something that has never been seen before on the show. She does not believe in true love at first sight. She is from the state of Edo.


Bella is going to take it to the next level by living her life to the fullest. She believes that her Housemates will like her because she is a sweet girl, but that they will dislike her because she talks too much.


Adekunle plans to take things to the next level by having making sure he’s got a bit of an opinion on everyone’s business. Will this strategy earn him friends or foes?


stan Eloswag, says his energy and vibes are guaranteed to magnetise his fellow Housemates and viewers alike, during his time in the Level Up House.


Master manipulator Doyin plans to bring happy vibes with a bit of disrespect into Big Brother Season 7. She is big on loyalty and she’ll ride or die for her friends and her man!


Allysyn believes that she’s going to stand out in the house because she’s different, unique and open minded. She’s “very single” and plans to shoot her shot should she meet someone she’s attracted to in Biggie’s house.


Dotun is ready to play the game for the win! His biggest threat to other Housemates is that he is super competitive and is a straightforward guy.


Here to serve it “hot hot” is Chomzy. She has a kind heart and dislikes people who thrive on bringing others down. She says she’ll never get physical, but will use her words, after all, she wanted to be a lawyer!


Giddyfia reckons a strategy is not a strategy, where this unpredictable game is concerned. This is why he plans to stand out by being himself, and going with the flow.


Diana plans on giving this game her all! Also, a manipulator at heart as her game plan is to gain all of her Housemates’ trust and use that to her advantage.


You’ll never catch Hermes talking about someone behind their back, but you will hear him being brutally honest at all times. “I will tell the truth, no matter how hard it is”.


Chichi plans to take it to the next level by bringing her originality, truth and “the real stripper vibes”. She says she’s not a kiss and tell kind of girl. Will she live up to this in Biggie’s House?


Sheggz says he is real, honest, direct and loving, traits which will keep him in the game. He admits he would be surprised if anyone in the House hates him at first meet.

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