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BBNaija: “Avoid getting involved in the fights between Bella and Sheggz” – Doyin tells Chizzy

BBNaija: “Avoid getting involved in the fights between Bella and Sheggz” – Doyin tells Chizzy

After Bella and Sheggz’s explosive argument, which resulted in their breakup, Doyin received unwanted advise from Chizzy. Doyin didn’t take kindly to his advice to avoid continuously getting engaged in Shella’s affairs.

“You dey settle matter, na lawyer,” said Chizzy to which Doyin asked, “they came to meet me, what do you want me to do?”

Chizzy took the chance to make his argument even more emphatically by stating, “What others say about you is not wrong, it’s right.” Doyin said, “Sincerely, I’m going to be annoyed by it. I entered the room after finishing my bath. He came to me before I even knew what had happened. In that circumstance, what should I do?”

Doyin’s irritation with the conversation increased as she acknowledged being upset. How could she resist hearing Bella and Sheggz out when they are the ones asking for her advice, she questioned Chizzy. Chizzy remained adamant that Doyin was too complicit in the current Shella problems. He continued to argue, “You have a tender heart, young lady. In this House, I wouldn’t want such a circumstance to cause you to feel depressed.”

Doyin explained to Chizzy once more that her fellow Housemates are the ones who involve her whenever they need council and that it has never been the other way around. “You people are pissiing me off because you are trying to sell a narrative that I go to people,” Doyin exclaimed. 

Doyin’s dispute with Chizzy

She was so outraged by the talk between Doyin and Chizzy that she went in search of Bella and Sheggz to confirm her explanation for how she ended up serving as their mediator today. Bella was perplexed as to why they would even discuss it in the first place when she told the pair about her talk with Chizzy.

Doyin getting involved in conflicts with other housemates

Doyin has been involved in housemate-related issues before, including today. Doyin questioned Evicted Housemate, Diana about her conflict with Chomzy in the first week of the season after a number of other Housemates noted her persistent involvement in the problems of the other Housemates earlier in the season. She reminded him of the moment when she enquired about the predicament Deji found himself in with Chichi during their attempt to resolve their issues last week during a conversation between Doyin and Deji.

Doyin questioned Rachel about their unsaid disagreements yesterday. Doyin confided in Rachel that she has been made aware by other housemates that she doesn’t like her, to which Rachel retorted that they are two entirely different persons. Doyin confided in Bryann about what she believed to be an erroneous narrative after disagreeing with Chizzy. Doyin was informed by Bryann that it was inappropriate for her to provide guidance on Bella and Sheggz’s predicament. Bryann continued, “Even I don’t put mouth because I met them here, I don’t know them that well. Doyin seemed unaware of Bryann’s point of view and felt that the other Housemates had unfairly judged her.


Do you think Chizzy was right for calling Doyin out for her constant involvement in Bella and Sheggz’s arguments?

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