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Album Review: Wizkid – More Love Less Ego

Album Review: Wizkid – More Love Less Ego

Wizkid’s “More Love, Less Ego” Album: A Vibrant Journey of Musical Mastery

Welcome to an in-depth review of Wizkid’s sensational album, “More Love, Less Ego.” In this musical journey, Wizkid takes us on a soul-stirring adventure filled with infectious beats, introspective lyrics, and an artistic evolution that solidifies his position as one of the leading figures in the global music scene. Join me as we delve into the depths of this remarkable album, exploring its themes, musicality, and the impact it has on listeners worldwide.

Artist NameWizkid
Album TitleMore Love Less Ego (MLLE)
No. of Track14
ProducerStarboy Entertainment
GenreAfrobeat, Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz Dancehall, and Caribbean Calypso
Record LabelStarboy Entertainment

Wizkid, one of Africa’s most prominent music stars, has once again captivated audiences with his latest album, “More Love, Less Ego.” In this blog post, we will take you on a storytelling journey, delving into the captivating tracks and exploring the themes of emotional growth and self-reflection. Join us as we analyze Wizkid’s musical evolution and dive deep into the impact of “More Love, Less Ego.”

The Evolution of Wizkid’s Sound

Wizkid has come a long way since his breakthrough in the music industry. From his early days as a prodigious talent to his current status as a global superstar, Wizkid has constantly pushed the boundaries of Afrobeat and infused it with elements of various genres. “More Love, Less Ego” showcases his evolution, displaying a more refined and mature sound that resonates with listeners worldwide.

  1. Production Excellence:

The production quality of “More Love, Less Ego” is nothing short of exceptional. Each track is meticulously crafted, with attention to detail evident in the blending of instruments, expertly layered vocals, and seamless transitions. The album’s sonic landscape is enriched by the incorporation of traditional African elements, demonstrating Wizkid’s commitment to showcasing his Nigerian roots while embracing a global sound. From the energetic percussions to the lush melodic arrangements, the production elevates Wizkid’s music to an immersive and captivating experience.

Analysis of Lyrics or Themes


In the song “Money and Love” by Wizkid, the lyrics revolve around two central themes: money and love. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of these lyrics.

The first verse sets the tone, with Wizkid expressing his confidence and uniqueness. He boasts about his appeal and charm, using metaphors like “Big lollipop, baby lick like ice cream” to describe his irresistible allure. The reference to Buju Banton or Buju Benson suggests that Wizkid is surpassing established artists and making a name for himself. The lyrics portray him as a charismatic figure, capable of making any woman sing and pray for his attention.

The chorus highlights the duality of Wizkid’s desires: money and love. He acknowledges his financial success, boasting about his pocket full of money. Simultaneously, he emphasizes that his heart is also full of love. The line “Nobody beat am for the dancer, no” implies that he is unmatched in his ability to captivate and mesmerize through music and dance. Wizkid’s appeal extends beyond material wealth, and he recognizes the importance of emotional connection and affection.

In the post-chorus section, Wizkid creates a sensual and intimate atmosphere. He mentions burning a spliff (marijuana joint), positioning himself as a romantic figure similar to Romeo. The lyrics suggest that he wants to be a source of comfort and support, using phrases like “Got your back” and “Touch me, I touch as e dey.” The repetition of “Je, je, je” adds a playful and seductive element to the song.

Moving to the second verse, Wizkid asserts his ability to provide financially. He mentions his capability to supply money and references places like L.A and Mumbai, showcasing his global reach and influence. However, he also questions the intentions of a pretty lady, asking if her interest is short-lived or long-term. The lyrics display a mix of confidence and curiosity, highlighting Wizkid’s desire for genuine connections amidst the glamorous lifestyle.

Throughout the song, Wizkid combines elements of Afrobeats with contemporary sounds, creating an infectious and energetic vibe. The lyrics celebrate both material success and emotional fulfillment, suggesting that money and love are intertwined in his life. Wizkid’s music often incorporates relatable themes that resonate with audiences globally, allowing listeners to connect with his experiences and aspirations.

In summary, “Money and Love” by Wizkid explores the dual desires of financial prosperity and emotional fulfillment. The lyrics showcase his self-assuredness, charm, and ability to captivate listeners through his music. Wizkid’s fusion of genres and his lyrical depth contribute to his status as one of Africa’s most prominent and influential musicians.


The lyrics of Wizkid’s song “Balance” delve into themes of attraction, desire, and the irresistible pull of a romantic connection. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of these lyrics.

The song begins with Wizkid acknowledging the physical appeal of the person he is addressing. He expresses his interest in her, emphasizing her captivating body and the way it affects him. The lyrics convey a sense of urgency and desire, as he mentions turning up the “booty” and being low on her body. This sets the tone for a passionate and intimate encounter.

Wizkid continues by highlighting his commitment to making the other person happy. He refers to giving her the latest and doing the most for her without hesitation. He’s willing to go out of his way and chase after her, minding his own business but making her his priority. The lyrics suggest that he wants to fulfill her days and make things right, emphasizing his dedication to the relationship.

The chorus of the song reinforces the strong connection between Wizkid and the person he is singing to. He acknowledges the mutual love and affection they share, emphasizing that he cannot buy or replicate the love she gives him. The lyrics convey a sense of admiration and appreciation for the unique bond they have, transcending material possessions.

As the song progresses, Wizkid continues to express his devotion and desire for the other person. He mentions being in a different realm and different time zone with her, suggesting a sense of escapism and transcendence when they are together. The lyrics convey a feeling of bliss and a belief that she is the one who makes his world go round.

The bridge of the song introduces the idea of balance. Wizkid mentions rotating and low shape, possibly referring to the way they move together and complement each other physically. He notes that she carries herself with grace and is a source of pleasure for him. The lyrics emphasize the harmonious nature of their relationship and the absence of complaints or stress.

Overall, “Balance” by Wizkid celebrates the magnetic pull of attraction and the joy of being in a fulfilling relationship. The lyrics convey a sense of passion, dedication, and appreciation for the other person’s presence. Through his smooth delivery and the infectious rhythm of the song, Wizkid captures the essence of a deep and harmonious connection between two individuals.

TRACK 3: Bad To Me

The lyrics of Wizkid’s song “Bad to Me” revolve around desire, attraction, and indulgence. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of these lyrics in more depth.

The song begins with Wizkid addressing his lover, expressing how she makes him feel. He uses the term “mami” as a term of endearment. He describes how her presence and allure make him go corny, implying that she has a captivating effect on him. The lyrics suggest that even a single sip of alcohol intensifies his feelings, emphasizing the powerful attraction he feels towards her.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the intoxicating nature of their connection. Wizkid mentions a highway and bursting it his way, indicating a desire to explore their passion and indulge in their desires. The mention of her body causing him a migraine highlights the overwhelming effect she has on him. The lyrics suggest a willingness to adapt and please each other, indicating a mutual understanding and a desire to fulfill each other’s needs.

Wizkid continues to express his infatuation and desire throughout the song. He emphasizes that this kind of love makes him want more, showing his eagerness to be with her. There is a sense of urgency and longing in his vocals and the repetition of phrases like “This kind, this kind love.” The lyrics portray a relationship characterized by intense passion and a strong physical connection.

The song also touches on the theme of material wealth and its association with power and status. Wizkid mentions money being on his mind all day and highlights the idea that if someone has too much money, they should speak up. The lyrics imply that money is not an issue and that he is willing to break his back, figuratively putting in effort, to please his partner.

The repetitive ad-libs and phrases in the song contribute to its catchy and rhythmic nature. They enhance the overall energy and create a memorable experience for the listener.

In conclusion, “Bad to Me” by Wizkid explores themes of desire, attraction, and indulgence in a passionate relationship. The lyrics portray a connection that is intense and all-consuming, characterized by a strong physical and emotional pull. Wizkid’s expressive vocals and the infectious rhythm of the song create an immersive and captivating atmosphere, allowing the listener to feel the intensity of the emotions being conveyed.


The lyrics of Wizkid’s song “Bad to Me” explore themes of desire, attraction, and intimacy. The song features a blend of English and Spanish lyrics, adding to its dynamic and multicultural appeal. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of the lyrics in more depth.

The song begins with the lines “This one’s nasty, Esto me gusta,” which can be translated as “This one’s nasty, I like this.” These lines set the tone for the sensual and provocative nature of the song. Wizkid expresses his anticipation and desire for the day he has been waiting for, suggesting a longing for a particular moment or encounter.

The following lines, “They say na kele go kill me, They say your body go kill me, oh,” convey the idea that the intensity of attraction or desire can be overwhelming, to the point of being fatal metaphorically. Wizkid acknowledges the power of the other person’s body and the impact it has on him.

Wizkid continues by expressing his preference not to be alone, emphasizing the desire for companionship and intimacy. The repetition of the lines “Don’t let spend the night alone” underscores the longing for connection and the avoidance of loneliness.

The subsequent lyrics convey Wizkid’s admiration for the person’s body and his intention to please them. He uses phrases like “Use your ikebe, super bless me” to compliment their physical attributes. The lines “Play ‘pon your body like piano” and “Baby, wrap your legs around my neck” express his desire to explore their physical connection and provide pleasure.

The song features a mix of English and Spanish lyrics, particularly in the bridge section where Wizkid collaborates with an artist named Diana. The Spanish lyrics add a romantic and passionate element to the song. The exchange of lines between Wizkid and Diana signifies a playful and flirtatious interaction.

Overall, “Bad to Me” is a sensual and provocative song that explores desire, attraction, and the pursuit of physical intimacy. The lyrics convey Wizkid’s yearning for connection and his willingness to please his partner. The incorporation of Spanish lyrics adds an additional layer of allure and exoticism to the song, enhancing its appeal to a wider audience.


The lyrics of Wizkid’s song “Slip N Slide” revolve around themes of sexual desire, assertiveness, and dominance. The lyrics contain explicit language and discuss explicit sexual acts. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of the lyrics in more depth.

The song starts with the phrase “Bomboclaat,” which is a Jamaican expletive expressing surprise or intensity. It sets a confrontational tone for the lyrics that follow.

The opening lines express a sense of aggression and violence, with references to shooting and killing. These lines serve to establish a gritty and rough atmosphere, emphasizing the assertive and dominant nature of the narrator.

As the song progresses, the lyrics shift towards sexual themes. Wizkid expresses his attraction and desire for a particular person, praising their physical attributes. Lines like “I’m loving on that perky breast” and “Wet, wet, wet, slip it and slide” are explicit in their references to sexual acts and suggest a strong sexual connection.

The lyrics also highlight the narrator’s confidence and willingness to engage in sexual encounters without hesitation. Wizkid sings, “Twenty-four days we dey fuck with no brakes,” implying a continuous and intense sexual relationship.

Throughout the song, Wizkid showcases a sense of dominance and control, both in his sexual desires and in his demeanor. The lines “Me nuh inna no long talk” and “Come make me put it pon you” convey his straightforward and assertive approach to expressing his desires.

While the lyrics primarily focus on sexual themes, they also touch on notions of power and violence. Wizkid uses language associated with guns and shooting to enhance the intensity and rawness of his desires. These references may be metaphorical, symbolizing the narrator’s determination and dominance in pursuing what he wants.

It’s important to note that the explicit and aggressive nature of the lyrics may not be suitable for all listeners and may contribute to the objectification of women. Listeners should exercise discretion and consider their personal preferences and values when engaging with this song.

Overall, “Slip N Slide” explores themes of sexual desire, dominance, and assertiveness. The lyrics depict a confident and assertive narrator who expresses his sexual desires without hesitation. The explicit language and references to violence create a provocative and intense atmosphere throughout the song.


The song “Pressure” by Wizkid explores themes of desire, love, and the overwhelming effect of a woman’s presence on the narrator. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of the lyrics in more depth. In the first verse, Wizkid sings about the pressure caused by a woman’s “Ikebe” (Yoruba slang for buttocks). He emphasizes that she has a powerful effect on him, making him love her intensely and crave her presence every night. The repetition of “dey nono” emphasizes the narrator’s longing and desire for her. The lyrics suggest that the woman is confident and assertive, as she is described as coming for the “encore” and not wanting to stop when the play (their interactions) has started. The narrator acknowledges that the feelings he has for her are mutual, as she feels the same way. Wizkid emphasizes that he doesn’t speak on things he doesn’t know, indicating that his focus is on what he understands and experiences with her. He states that she is his business, suggesting that she is his main priority and focus. The chorus highlights the depth of the narrator’s love for the woman. He expresses his desire to love her and states that she captivates him more than money. This indicates that his feelings for her go beyond material wealth and are rooted in genuine affection. The post-chorus uses repetitive syllables (“pi” and “fi”) to create a catchy rhythm and adds to the playful nature of the song. The lyrics convey the narrator’s request for the woman to bring her energy and enthusiasm to him. In the second verse, Wizkid continues to praise the woman’s influence on his energy and emotional state. He describes her actions as sweet and mentions that her touch makes him feel lazy, indicating a sense of comfort and relaxation when they are together. The lyrics convey a sense of commitment from the narrator, as he states that he is the one who makes her feel alright. He expresses that he thinks about her constantly and is willing to stay for a while, suggesting a desire for a long-term connection. Overall, “Pressure” is a song that celebrates the intense desire and love the narrator feels for a woman. The lyrics focus on the captivating effect she has on him, emphasizing their mutual attraction and the depth of his feelings. The song’s catchy rhythm and playful nature contribute to its appeal as a lively and affectionate expression of desire.


The song “2 Sugar” by Wizkid touches on themes of emotional baggage, personal struggles, and maintaining a positive energy. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of the lyrics in more depth.

The opening lines express a sense of emotional burden and regret. Wizkid refers to having a bag full of feelings and a house full of regret, implying that he carries unresolved emotions and past mistakes with him. He mentions that this baggage is “confit,” suggesting that it’s deeply ingrained and not easily discarded.

Wizkid then expresses curiosity about why someone is moving slowly in their actions or decisions. He indicates that if their movement doesn’t interfere with his own path, he doesn’t concern himself with it. This could reflect a mindset of focusing on personal growth and progress rather than getting caught up in other people’s problems or slow-paced behavior.

The phrase “shori nonsense ma gbe sunmomi” is repeated throughout the song. In Yoruba, it translates to “don’t bring nonsense close to me.” This line serves as a mantra for Wizkid, emphasizing his desire to distance himself from negativity and drama. He wants to maintain a positive mindset and protect himself from unnecessary problems.

Wizkid acknowledges that he fights his own demons, indicating personal struggles and challenges. Despite these struggles, he emphasizes the importance of keeping bad energy away and surrounding himself with the right energy. This can be seen as a call to maintain a positive environment and mindset, focusing on personal growth and self-improvement.

The lyrics also touch on the idea of living life on one’s own terms. Wizkid mentions that he doesn’t pay attention to others’ opinions or judgments. He lives life on the low, meaning he keeps a low profile and doesn’t let outside influences dictate his choices. This could be interpreted as a declaration of independence and self-assuredness.

Overall, “2 Sugar” conveys a message of personal resilience and maintaining a positive outlook in the face of challenges. Wizkid emphasizes the importance of focusing on one’s own growth and protecting oneself from negative influences. The repetitive mantra serves as a reminder to distance oneself from drama and unnecessary problems, promoting a mindset of self-preservation and positivity.

The Message Within

The title of the album, “More Love, Less Ego,” encapsulates the core message that Wizkid aims to convey throughout the tracks. It serves as a reminder to prioritize love, compassion, and humility over ego-driven pursuits. Wizkid’s lyrical prowess and introspective songwriting invite listeners to reflect on their own lives and consider the impact of their actions on others.

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