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Album Review: Wande Coal “Legend or No Legend”

Album Review: Wande Coal “Legend or No Legend”

“Get an expert analysis of Wande Coal’s ‘Legend or No Legend’ album in our detailed review. Find out if this album lives up to its title and why it’s generating buzz in the music industry.”

In the ever-evolving Nigerian music industry, one name that stands out for his incredible talent, undeniable charisma, and lasting impact is none other than Wande Coal. Over the years, this exceptional artist has captivated audiences with his unique blend of Afrobeat, R&B, and soulful melodies.

One cannot discuss the Nigerian music scene without acknowledging Wande Coal’s contributions. From his early days with the Mo’ Hits Records collective to his successful solo career, Wande Coal has consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards.

His breakthrough hit, “Ololufe,” showcased his soulful vocals and lyrical prowess, catapulting him into the limelight. Since then, he has released numerous chart-topping singles and collaborated with renowned artists both locally and internationally.

About the Album: Wande Coal – Legend or No Legend

Artist NameWande Coal
Album TitleLegend or No Legend
Record LabelEmpire Records
GenreAfrobeat, R&B, and soulful
No of Tracks13

Wande Coal – Legend or No Legend is an album released on May 18th, 2023 under the management of Empire Record. It has 13 track with duration of 40 minutes, 7seconds. The album features an American Rapper and produce, T-Pain, Nigerian Afrobeat Icon, Wizkid, Fireboy DML and Nigerian Rapper, Olamide.

Track Listing/Streams

S/NOSong Tittle/WriterArtist/FeaturesDurationStream
1Nobody Holy | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal03:15SpotifyAmazon
2Come My Way | Aikore Abulimen / Joseph Charles / Olutowa Ojosipe / Oluwatobi Wande OjosipeWande Coal03:30SpotifyAmazon
33 Square Meal | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal03:04SpotifyAmazon
4Dues | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal02:52SpotifyAmazon
5E Choke | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal02:54SpotifyAmazon
6Let Them Know | Udoma Amba / Joseph Charles / Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal03:24SpotifyAmazon
7Streets | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal02:47SpotifyAmazon
8Kpe Paso | Olamide Adedeji / Joseph Charles / Olutowa Ojosipe / Prince OkaforWande Coal feat: Olamide02:57SpotifyAmazon
9Ebelebe | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal03:29SpotifyAmazon
10Genesis | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal02:26SpotifyAmazon
11Jabo | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal03:11SpotifyAmazon
12Sho Ma Gba | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal02:41SpotifyAmazon
13Don’t Feel Love | Olutowa OjosipeWande Coal03:31SpotifyAmazon

Wande Coal

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TRACK 1: Nobody Holy

The lyrics convey a message that nobody is holy or perfect. It starts by questioning those who claim to be holy or married, implying that no one should judge or tell stories about others. The artist asserts that they don’t judge anyone and acknowledges that everyone in the world engages in vices (“dey kpoli”).

The lyrics continue by discussing personal responsibility and the pursuit of money. It suggests that certain situations or faults lie with the individuals themselves and that wealth is sometimes acquired forcefully. The artist emphasizes that their choices are their own and that they feel a sense of power or authority (“air force”) in their pursuits. References to contracts, clauses, and multiplication may symbolize different aspects of their life or experiences.

There is a brief section in another language (Spanish), where the artist mentions bringing light to their people, representing their feelings, and stating that nobody can come and change their mind. The lyrics express a sense of self-awareness, patience, and determination in pursuing their desires.

Overall, the lyrics deliver a message of non-judgment, personal responsibility, and the pursuit of personal choices and desires. It incorporates elements of cultural diversity and reflects the artist’s perspective on societal expectations and individuality.

TRACK 2: Come My Way

The song lyrics you provided are for a song titled “Come My Way” by Wande Coal. Here’s a brief review of the lyrics:

The lyrics convey a determination to succeed despite potential obstacles and opposition from others. The artist expresses the desire for money to come their way, acknowledging that some people may not want them to succeed financially. They pray that others don’t become aware of their success when the money comes their way because they know how they will handle it.

The lyrics also touch on the challenges faced when there is a lack of money, emphasizing the need to work hard and double hustle during such times. The artist recognizes that people may not support their aspirations but remains confident in finding their own path to success.

There are references to specific locations like Mushin and phrases in Yoruba, adding a cultural element to the lyrics. The artist mentions being blessed by God and acknowledges that the money they receive is a result of divine intervention.

The lyrics also include references to fashion and celebration, creating a lively and upbeat tone. The mention of melodies in the heart suggests a sense of joy and positivity.

Overall, the lyrics express a strong determination to overcome obstacles and find success, emphasizing the artist’s belief in their own abilities and the support of a higher power. It combines themes of perseverance, ambition, and gratitude in a lively and energetic manner.

TRACK 3: 3 Square Meal – WANDE COAL

The lyrics express the desire for financial success and the pursuit of a comfortable lifestyle. The artist emphasizes the need to “get that deal” and attain wealth to afford three square meals, symbolizing stability and abundance.

The lyrics mention various monetary amounts, from millions to billions and even zillions, indicating a lofty aspiration for wealth. It portrays a focus on financial success and the recognition that money is an important factor in achieving a comfortable life.

The song also touches on the artist’s journey to success, mentioning paying dues and facing challenges along the way. There is a mention of media attention and the artist’s actions often making headlines.

The lyrics briefly mention the glamorous side of success, with references to girls on magazine covers, limousines, and a lavish lifestyle. It also alludes to having witnessed many things and gained experience along the journey to success.

Overall, the lyrics convey a strong desire for financial success and the luxuries it can bring. It touches on the artist’s journey, aspirations for wealth, and a glimpse of the glamorous side of achieving success.


The lyrics revolve around the themes of desire, success, and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. The artist sings about a dream girl who captivates his attention and wonders if she wants him. There are references to twerking and the allure of physical attraction.

The lyrics also touch on the artist’s determination and refusal to give up. They speak about accumulating wealth and the importance of holding onto it. There’s a mention of a lavish party in a mansion with explicit imagery, indicating a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle.

The artist portrays a sense of confidence and self-assuredness, mentioning “double money” and proclaiming that a hundred million isn’t enough for him. There’s a playfulness in the lyrics, with references to dirty deals, stealing from the government, and counting money as a religion.

Overall, the lyrics depict a desire for success, wealth, and enjoying the pleasures of life. They convey a sense of confidence and a willingness to push boundaries. The song showcases a blend of desire, determination, and a celebration of opulence.

TRACK 5: E Choke – Wande Coal

The lyrics convey a sense of confidence and self-assuredness. The artist boasts about his style and presence, describing himself as looking dope in all white and pulling up with fire and smoke. He dismisses others who talk and brag, asserting his own abilities and success.

There is a mention of wanting to be surrounded by a certain type of girl who is sweet, juicy, and curvy. The artist expresses his desires for companionship and affection.

The lyrics also touch on the artist’s appeal and influence, emphasizing that he cannot be easily challenged or provoked. He asserts his uniqueness and talent, mentioning his sick flow and skill with the pen.

Overall, the lyrics exude a sense of confidence, self-expression, and a desire for a specific type of romantic connection. The song showcases the artist’s style and personality, along with his self-assured attitude.

TRACK 6: Let Them Know – Wande Coal

The lyrics convey a mix of romantic affection, self-confidence, and ambition. The artist expresses his love for someone and uses food metaphors to describe their relationship. He playfully compares the person to his favorite dishes, emphasizing their importance in his life.

The chorus emphasizes the need to keep their relationship private and not let others interfere or know too much. The artist has plans for the person and wants to protect their connection from external influences.

The verses touch on various topics, including academic struggles, sports references, and the artist’s confidence in himself. There is also a mention of stealing hearts and dealing with adversaries, showcasing a sense of determination and fearlessness.

Overall, the lyrics showcase a blend of love, ambition, and self-assuredness. The artist expresses his affection for someone while emphasizing the need for privacy and his determination to succeed.

TRACK 7: Streets- Wande Coal Ft. T-Pain

The lyrics reflect the artist’s experiences and mindset as someone who has come from the streets. Wande Coal describes his past as a troublemaker, engaging in various activities and encounters in the city. He acknowledges the consequences of loose ends but emphasizes his ability to handle situations and attract attention from multiple people.

The artist expresses his willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed and survive, highlighting the harsh realities of the streets. He mentions how people can influence and manipulate you, cautioning against falling into their traps. Wande Coal asserts his street credibility and independence, proudly identifying himself as a street boy.

There are references to Nigerian culture and slang, adding local flavor to the lyrics. The artist mentions his origins in Gwagwalada and incorporates names of prominent figures like Agbani Darego and Lagbaja. The lyrics convey a sense of resilience, determination, and a desire to assert one’s identity despite challenges.

Overall, the lyrics of “Streets” showcase the artist’s experiences and outlook on life as someone who has emerged from the streets. It’s a reflection of his street credibility, independence, and the struggles and triumphs associated with that lifestyle.

TRACK 8: Kpe Paso – Wande Coal Ft. Olamide

The song is a lively and energetic track with Afrobeat and hip-hop influences. The lyrics mainly revolve around enjoying life, embracing pleasure, and disregarding cautionary advice. Olamide and Wande Coal take turns delivering their verses, showcasing their charismatic and playful flows.

The artists express their desire to live freely and engage in activities that bring them pleasure, even if others disapprove. They mention specific alcoholic drinks like Henny and Azul, adding to the carefree and celebratory atmosphere of the song.

Wande Coal references his identity as a street boy and his willingness to face any challenges. He highlights his ability to handle situations and dismisses negativity from others. The lyrics also touch on themes of confidence, success, and not letting others hold you back.

Overall, “Kpe Paso” is an upbeat and catchy song that celebrates individuality, living in the moment, and defying societal expectations. The collaboration between Wande Coal and Olamide adds a dynamic and engaging element to the track.

TRACK 9: Ebelebe – Wande Coal

“Ebelebe” is an upbeat and energetic Afrobeat track that focuses on love, desire, and the desire to be with someone special. The song expresses the artists’ interest in being by the side of a particular woman and their admiration for her. They are captivated by her actions and are willing to go to extremes to be with her.

Wande Coal and Wizkid deliver their verses with smooth and melodic flows, adding to the catchy and rhythmic nature of the song. The lyrics also touch on themes of self-confidence and personal style, showcasing the artists’ pride in their unique qualities.

The chorus emphasizes the desire to be close to the woman, highlighting the intense attraction and connection between them. The lyrics employ repetitions and playful expressions to create a lively and engaging atmosphere throughout the song.

Overall, “Ebelebe” is a vibrant and enjoyable collaboration between Wande Coal and Wizkid that celebrates love, infatuation, and the desire to be with someone special. The infectious rhythm and catchy melodies make it a captivating track for fans of Afrobeat music.

TRACK 10: Genesis – Wande Coal

“Genesis” is a self-reflective track where Wande Coal takes a look back at his journey in the music industry and celebrates his accomplishments. The lyrics highlight his early successes, comparing himself to a scorer in sports and emphasizing his talent and impact. He also references the industry’s tendency for fraudulent practices and artists who lack originality.

Wande Coal expresses his commitment to delivering timeless music (“Classics”) and his determination to establish a lasting legacy. He shows indifference to both positive and negative opinions, focusing solely on his craft and his ability to leave a mark in the industry.

The song also includes references to various locations like China, India, Yankee (slang for the United States), and England, showcasing his global reach and influence as an artist.

The lyrics convey a sense of confidence and pride in Wande Coal’s achievements and talent. He asserts his loyalty to those who support him and promises to protect and provide for them. The overall tone of the song is empowering and highlights Wande Coal’s growth and success in his career.

“Genesis” is a lyrical reflection on Wande Coal’s journey in the music industry and his determination to leave a lasting impact. The song showcases his self-assurance and commitment to creating timeless music while acknowledging the challenges he has faced along the way.

TRACK 11: Jabo – Wande Coal Ft. Fireboy DML

“Jabo” is an upbeat and lively song that revolves around expressing love and devotion to a significant other. The lyrics convey the artist’s willingness to go to great lengths and do anything for their partner. The chorus emphasizes the idea of surrendering to love and urges the listener to let go and enjoy the moment.

Wande Coal and Fireboy DML take turns expressing their affection and commitment to their respective love interests. They mention being captivated by their partners’ sweetness and compare it to a popular fruit juice brand, “Five Alive.” The lyrics also playfully mention various actions they would be willing to take, such as singing, dancing, and even humorous references to political figures like “El-Rufai.”

The repetitive nature of the chorus and the use of Yoruba phrases like “Ileke idi yen o gbodo jabo o” add a catchy and rhythmic element to the song, contributing to its energetic vibe. Overall, “Jabo” is a vibrant love song that celebrates devotion and showcases the artists’ affectionate feelings towards their partners.

TRACK 12: Sho Ma Gba – Wande Coal

TRACK 13: Don’t Feel Love – Wande Coal

“Don’t Feel Love” is a song that explores the theme of lost love and the feeling of being unloved. Wande Coal expresses his emotional detachment and questions the authenticity of the love he once had. He reflects on the fickleness of love, referring to the saying “Love is wicked” and how people try to pursue him but there is no space for them in his life.

The lyrics depict Wande Coal’s skepticism towards a past relationship where he feels deceived and played with. He accuses the person of never truly loving him and just pretending to do so. There is a sense of frustration and disappointment in realizing that the love he believed in was not genuine.

The chorus repeats the sentiment of not feeling loved anymore, questioning the truth of it. The song also includes Yoruba language phrases like “Je ka ma kuku se ti ara wa” and “Je ki n tete da wa to ri pe” which emphasize the emotional struggle and desire for clarity.

Overall, “Don’t Feel Love” delves into the feelings of disillusionment and skepticism towards love, highlighting Wande Coal’s emotional state and his desire for genuine love and connection.

I encourage you to listen to the album and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more album reviews and other exciting content on this blog.

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