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Album Review: Davido – Timeless

Album Review: Davido – Timeless

Discover the artistry behind Davido’s ‘Timeless’ album, as he crafts a melodic tapestry of soulful rhythms and catchy choruses. Explore the album’s captivating lyrics and its ability to leave you singing along with joy. Step into the enchanting realm of Davido’s ‘Timeless,’ where Amapiano takes center stage. Delve into the album’s magical production, diverse collaborations, and infectious beats that keep you captivated from start to finish.

Artist NameDavido
Album TitleTimeless
Writer(s)David Adeleke Young Alpha
No. of Track17
Producer Magicsticks, Rage, Darmie, Blaisebeatz1da Banton, Caltonic SA, and Young Alpha
GenreAfrobeat, Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz Dancehall, and Caribbean Calypso
Record LabelDMW


  2. FEEL
  3. IN THE GARDEN ft. Morravey
  5. UNAVAILABLE ft. Musa Keys
  7. PAIN ME
  8. AWAY
  10. KANTE ft. FAVE
  11. NA MONEY ft. The Caveman & Angelique Kidjo
  12. U (JUJU) ft. Skepta
  13. NO COMPETITION ft. Asake
  14. PICASSO ft. Logos Olori
  16. LCND
  17. CHAMPION SOUND ft. Focalistic
Album Review: Davido - Timeless

“The Artistry of Davido’s ‘Timeless’: A Harmonious Fusion of Melodies and Lyrics”

In the dynamic Nigerian music industry, Davido stands tall as one of its brightest stars. With his fourth studio album, “Timeless,” Davido makes a resounding comeback, reaffirming his position at the forefront of Afrobeat. This comprehensive review explores the intricacies of “Timeless,” delving into its composition, production quality, collaborations, and the album’s impact on Davido’s artistic evolution.

  1. The Evolution of Davido’s Sound:

“Timeless” marks a departure from Davido’s previous albums, as he ventures into uncharted musical territories. Surprisingly, Davido chooses to collaborate with emerging artists, showcasing his support for budding talents within the industry. The album features a rich blend of genres, with Amapiano taking center stage alongside Reggae, Highlife, Konto, and Afropop influences. This bold experimentation demonstrates Davido’s commitment to pushing boundaries and expanding his sonic palette.

  1. A Stellar Lineup of Collaborations:

Featuring seventeen tracks, “Timeless” offers an array of standout collaborations. Notably, UK Grime legend Skepta shines on “U (JUJU),” delivering his signature delivery and melodic lyrics over seamless production. Fave’s soulful rhythms on “Kante” and Morravey’s perfectly synchronized vocals on “In The Garden” add depth and variety to the album. Davido’s choice to work with talented producers like Damie, Blaisebeatz, Rore, and Magicstickz further elevates the album’s sonic brilliance.

  1. Impeccable Production and Engineering:

“Timeless” showcases Davido’s commitment to delivering top-tier production quality. The album maintains a consistent sound reminiscent of his previous projects, while also introducing fresh elements that create a unique listening experience. The carefully crafted beats, meticulous engineering, and skillful production ensure a cohesive and engaging musical journey for the listeners.

  1. Tracks that Energize and Inspire:

While “Timeless” exudes a calming and soothing vibe throughout, the album also features tracks that ignite a sense of motivation and vitality. Songs like “Bop” featuring Dexta Daps and “No Competition” featuring rising star Asake invigorate listeners, setting the perfect tone for an energetic day. These high-energy tracks strike a perfect balance, complementing the album’s overall flow.

Analysis of Lyrics or Themes


The song “Over dem” by Davido carries several themes and messages throughout its lyrics. At its core, the song celebrates resilience, determination, and overcoming obstacles in the face of adversity. Let’s analyze the lyrics to delve deeper into the meaning and significance of the song.

The song opens with the repeated line, “Over dem all,” which sets the tone for the rest of the lyrics. This line implies that the artist, Davido, is positioned above or superior to those who may oppose or doubt him. It suggests a sense of confidence and self-assurance.

The reference to David and Goliath in the lyrics is significant. David, a biblical figure, defeated the giant Goliath against all odds. By likening himself to David, Davido asserts that he possesses the strength and courage to conquer any challenges that come his way. He sees himself as an underdog who will emerge victorious, just like David did. This comparison symbolizes resilience and the ability to triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The recurring line, “Oluwa dey my side,” further reinforces Davido’s faith and belief in a higher power. “Oluwa” is a Yoruba term for God, indicating that Davido acknowledges and relies on a divine presence that guides and supports him in his journey. This element of spirituality adds a layer of depth to the lyrics, emphasizing the artist’s reliance on faith and the importance of a higher power in his life.

Throughout the song, Davido expresses a refusal to compromise his true self or succumb to pressure from others. Lines such as “I no fit fake it oh, I swear to God” highlight his commitment to authenticity and staying true to who he is. He asserts that no one can chain or control him, and those who once doubted him will eventually seek his mercy.

The lyrics also touch upon the concept of success and the envy or negative attention it can attract. Davido suggests that his detractors, symbolized by the metaphorical stone-hearted individuals, try to bring him down or hinder his progress. However, he remains unfazed and compares himself to a drone, effortlessly soaring above their attempts to obstruct his path. This imagery conveys a sense of liberation and freedom from the opinions and actions of others.

The song also touches on Davido’s achievements and blessings. He acknowledges the many blessings he has received.


The lyrics of “feel” by Davido convey themes of longing, desire, and vulnerability in a romantic relationship. The song revolves around the emotions and actions of the speaker, who is reaching out to their partner and expressing their yearning to be together.

The opening lines, “I be on the phone, calling you tonight,” indicate the speaker’s eagerness to connect with their loved one. They want the other person to make a move and avoid any conflicts or fights that may arise between them. This suggests a desire for harmony and a willingness to work through any challenges in the relationship.

The line “I no wan sleep alone, wanna hold you tight” reveals the speaker’s longing for physical intimacy and the comfort of their partner’s presence. The mention of tears in their eyes implies a sense of sadness or loneliness when they are apart, but they reassure themselves that everything will be fine.

The chorus, with the lines “Forever, o ma la tan, O ma gba, o ma ke tan, Ebebe idi yen o ma sey tan,” emphasizes a desire for a lasting connection and a plea for the partner to reciprocate their feelings. The repetition of the phrase “o ma la tan” suggests the speaker’s hope that their love will endure and that they will be able to overcome any obstacles.

The subsequent lines in the chorus, “Say them go feel it, Them go run it now, Them go hold it, Them go,” further emphasize the speaker’s longing for their partner’s understanding and commitment. It conveys a sense of urgency and anticipation, as if the speaker is urging their partner to recognize and respond to their emotions.

In the second verse, the line “I be talking to myself, and them no even notice” portrays a sense of isolation and frustration. It suggests that the speaker’s feelings are not acknowledged or understood by others, highlighting the significance of their partner’s presence in their life.

The mention of feeling like a “Zombie” and the comparison to Chuck Norris in the line “She gat me feeling like a Zombie, And she dey shot like Chuck Norris” suggests that the speaker is deeply captivated and entranced by their partner. They are willing to surrender themselves and be vulnerable in the relationship.

Overall, “feel” by Davido conveys the emotional journey of a person deeply in love and longing for their partner’s reciprocation. It explores themes of desire, vulnerability, and the need for emotional connection in a relationship. The lyrics express the speaker’s yearning for their partner’s presence and understanding, highlighting the significance of love and human connection in their life.


The lyrics of “feel” by Davido delve into themes of love, desire, and commitment in a romantic relationship. The song revolves around the speaker’s admiration and deep affection for their partner.

The opening lines, “Never seen no man like you, Been in a lot of places but no one like you,” convey the speaker’s fascination with their partner. They express that despite their experiences and encounters, no one compares to the person they are addressing. This sets the stage for the strong emotional connection the speaker feels towards their partner.

The repeated lines, “I don’t want no one like you, Got a lot of options but no one is you,” emphasize the speaker’s exclusivity and devotion to their partner. It highlights that although they may have other choices, none of them hold the same significance as the person they are singing about.

The chorus expresses the speaker’s desire for a deeper connection with their partner. They want to give them love and hold their hand, symbolizing intimacy and a longing for emotional closeness. The repetition of the line “I want you to be my man” emphasizes the speaker’s yearning for a committed and serious relationship.

The subsequent lines in the chorus, “I’ll change your status,” convey the speaker’s intention to elevate their partner’s position in their life. It signifies a desire to bring about positive transformation and improve their partner’s life in various aspects. It suggests that being with the speaker will result in an improved social or emotional status for their loved one.

The verse in Yoruba adds cultural and linguistic flavor to the song, showcasing Davido’s Nigerian heritage. It reinforces the theme of love and the speaker’s willingness to be present for their partner at any time. The mention of a holiday and the invitation to “take you downtown” suggests a desire to create memorable experiences together and enjoy each other’s company.

Overall, “feel” by Davido explores the depths of love, devotion, and commitment. The lyrics convey the speaker’s admiration for their partner and their desire to establish a deep emotional connection. It speaks to the willingness to change and uplift their partner’s life, emphasizing the significance of their presence and love.


The lyrics of “UNAVAILABLE” by Davido explore themes of self-confidence, success, and disregard for negative opinions or rumors. The song carries an assertive tone and portrays the artist’s unavailability to those who underestimate him or try to bring him down.

The opening lines, “Tune into the king of sounds and blues, Initiating rage process,” set the stage for the artist’s declaration of his unavailability. It establishes his position as a dominant figure in the music industry, ready to assert his presence and influence.

The repeated phrase, “I’m unavailable, Dem no dem see me,” emphasizes the artist’s unattainable status. It suggests that he is beyond the reach of those who doubt him or fail to recognize his talent and success. It serves as a defiant response to those who underestimate him.

The line, “And I sorry for who wan, who wan, Who wan gbe my matter s’ori,” indicates the artist’s indifference to gossip or negative opinions about him. He acknowledges that he is only human but urges others not to bother with trying to bring him down or spread rumors.

The verse continues with the artist questioning the motives and intentions of others, challenging the validity of rumors or false narratives. He dismisses them and expresses his focus on his work and financial success. The phrase “owo ni koko” reinforces the importance of money and financial stability in his life.

The artist’s confidence is further displayed in the lines, “Don’t dim my life, I don’t have no time, Soniya, Come see me shining, Got too many birds on my IG.” Here, he asserts his refusal to let negativity affect his life and highlights his success and popularity on social media. The mention of “birds on my IG” refers to having many attractive women following him, symbolizing his desirability and social status.

The repeated phrases, “I’m a big propeller, save the remorse, Girls go jealous, ’cause I dey banana,” reinforce the artist’s self-assured attitude. He sees himself as a driving force and a source of envy for others, particularly women who may be jealous of his success and lifestyle.

Overall, “UNAVAILABLE” by Davido portrays a confident and assertive persona. The lyrics express his unavailability to those who doubt him or spread negative rumors. It showcases his self-assurance, success, and refusal to let criticism or negativity affect his life.

TRACK 5: PICASSO ft. Logos Olori

The lyrics of “PICASSO” by Davido featuring Logos Olori revolve around themes of desire, love, devotion, and the complexities of romantic relationships. The song portrays the speaker’s strong emotions and their willingness to go to great lengths to be with their partner.

The opening lines, “No do me like this so, baby, Flames are burning in my soul, baby,” express the speaker’s vulnerability and their intense feelings for their partner. The use of “flames” suggests passion and a burning desire for connection.

The line, “I’ve been listening to Sauti Sol lately, What I’m feeling lately I don’t know, lady,” indicates the influence of Sauti Sol, a Kenyan musical group known for their soulful and romantic songs. It suggests that the speaker’s recent experiences and emotions are influenced by their music, adding depth to their feelings.

The reference to Picasso, a renowned artist known for his abstract and expressive paintings, in the line “So baby draw me closer like Picasso” conveys the speaker’s desire for intimacy and a deeper connection. It implies that they want their partner to reveal their true selves and be emotionally vulnerable in the relationship.

The lines, “The way you whine, slow whine, I looked and I saw signs, We were fine but our trust was on the line,” highlight the complexities within the relationship. They suggest that despite the initial connection, there have been moments of doubt and challenges to their trust. The speaker acknowledges these issues but still holds affection for their partner.

The repeated phrase, “Baby girl you was my slime, Baby girl your everything I like,” conveys the speaker’s admiration and affection for their partner. It implies that the partner holds a special place in their heart and that they value their presence and qualities.

The mention of “Fashionista life of design, Coulda never start her own line” showcases the partner’s fashionable and stylish nature. It suggests that they have a strong sense of personal style and individuality. The speaker acknowledges and appreciates this aspect of their partner.

Overall, “PICASSO” portrays a passionate and complex romantic relationship. The lyrics explore the speaker’s intense feelings, challenges to trust, and their devotion to their partner. It reflects the ups and downs, as well as the desire for emotional connection and vulnerability within the relationship.


The lyrics of “KANTE” by Davido featuring Fave revolve around themes of attraction, pleasure, and the intense connection between two individuals. The song portrays a seductive and passionate encounter, with the speaker expressing their admiration for their partner’s movements and the pleasure they derive from being in their presence.

The opening lines, “I don’t know what she’s doing to me, Hahahahaha,” suggest that the speaker is captivated and amused by the effect the woman has on them. It sets the tone for the playful and lighthearted nature of the song.

The lyrics focus on the physical attraction between the speaker and their partner. Lines such as “The way you hold my waist, I like as e dey go” and “Hold my waist, I like as e dey go” highlight the sensual nature of the interaction. The repeated mention of holding the waist signifies a close and intimate connection.

The lines, “Disconnect the internet ‘Cause I’m feeling intellectual,” indicate that the speaker is fully engaged and present in the moment. They emphasize the importance of the physical and emotional connection, suggesting that it transcends the distractions of the digital world.

The lyrics also acknowledge the partner’s ability to bring pleasure and relief from stress. The lines, “You move your legs like this and that, You can’t drive away the pleasure” and “You move your waist like this and that, You can’t drive away the pleasure” imply that the partner’s movements and actions have a captivating effect on the speaker.

The collaboration with Fave adds depth to the song as her vocals complement Davido’s, enhancing the sensuality and allure of the track.

Overall, “KANTE” portrays a moment of intense attraction and desire. The lyrics celebrate the physical connection between the speaker and their partner, emphasizing the pleasure and excitement that arises from their interaction. The song captures the euphoria and sensuality of the moment, creating a vibrant and seductive musical experience.


The lyrics of “No Competition” by Davido featuring Asake celebrate the speaker’s admiration and love for a special woman in his life. The song emphasizes her unique qualities and suggests that no one else can compare to her. Let’s analyze the meaning and significance of the lyrics in more depth.

In the chorus, Davido expresses that there is no competition for his lady because she possesses everything he needs and more. He affirms her beauty and recognizes her as his number one. The repetition of “Shey na yansh oh, shey na face oh, shey na waist oh, una no be mate oh” highlights the speaker’s belief that his lady stands out in every aspect, be it physical appearance or personality. The lyrics reinforce the idea that she is unmatched.

Asake’s verse further reinforces the speaker’s adoration for the woman. He compares her to Agbani Darego, a Nigerian beauty queen, and describes her as his everything. The lines “Mr. Money, likе lepa shandi” suggest that she brings financial stability and beauty into his life. The verse continues to praise her uniqueness and allure.

The bridge emphasizes the speaker’s deep emotional connection with his lady. He describes her as his soul and the melody that fills his life. The lyrics convey a sense of dependence and attachment to her presence, suggesting that he cannot imagine life without her.

Overall, “No Competition” celebrates the speaker’s love and admiration for his lady. The lyrics highlight her beauty, unique qualities, and the deep connection they share. The song sends a message that she is unparalleled and sets her apart from others. The track serves as an ode to the speaker’s significant other, expressing his commitment and devotion to her.

  1. The Enduring Appeal and Replay Value:

“Timeless” boasts a plethora of songs that captivate listeners with their melodic production, catchy choruses, infectious instrumentals, and remarkable features. The album’s replay value is undeniable, as each track possesses an allure that demands repeated listening. While the songwriting and lyricism may be deemed average, their catchiness ensures that fans will be singing along and enjoying the album’s vibrant tunes.

  1. A Spotlight on the Amapiano Gem:

Among the album’s highlights, Davido’s focus on the Amapiano track “Unavailable” featuring South African artist Musa Keys deserves special mention. This track has gained widespread popularity and sparked a viral challenge on social media platforms, particularly TikTok. “Unavailable” showcases Davido’s ability to tap into trending genres while leaving an indelible mark with his signature style.


“Timeless” solidifies Davido’s status as an influential force in the Afrobeat genre. Through this album, Davido embarks on a musical journey that embraces new sounds, showcases emerging talents, and reinforces his artistic growth. With its diverse range of genres, exceptional collaborations, and impeccable production, “Timeless” captivates listeners and leaves a lasting impression. Davido’s sonic evolution, combined with his commitment to crafting a sonically balanced album

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