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A mother seeks assistance for her son who has a protruding stomach.

A mother seeks assistance for her son who has a protruding stomach.

Praise Osuyemi, a 13-year-old boy, is in pain as a result of an illness that caused his stomach to protrude.

Glory, an indigene of Igarra Town in Kogi State, told City Round that Osuyemi’s illness began about four years ago.

She stated that her son awoke with stomach aches and that she purchased medication for him.

She went on to say that by daybreak, his stomach had begun to protrude for no apparent reason.

Praise Osunyemi

She said, “The stomach began to protrude. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have much money and the medications he was taking defied medical interventions.

“I decided to start giving him herbal medicine but it didn’t help. The stomach continued to increase. This surprised me. I didn’t know what to do. Someone then told me that he knows where it could be cured.”

Glory said she contacted a herbal home, which promised to help if she could afford N35,000, which she said she paid.

“I borrowed some money and paid part of the money. I told the herbal doctor that if my son became well, I would pay the balance. But, it only became worse.

“It became so big that the child would cry from when he woke up in the morning till the next morning. He couldn’t sleep. He is always crying because of the pain.

“I saw that the herbal drug was not helping at all but the herbal doctor insisted that I paid him his money, and I did. I didn’t see any change.

“I then took him to a hospital, Mount Zion Health Care, Ikare Akoko, Ondo State, and they said it is not something herbal medicine would do, that he would be operated upon. They then said we should do a test in a laboratory. They then said we should look for money to do the operation. It would cost N500, 000.

“My husband and I are farmers. We can only do little. We cannot afford it,” she said.

Glory also noted that the young boy had stopped schooling since the illness started.

“This situation has made us not save up because any money we have, we spend to take care of him,” the 35-year-old mother lamented.

A medical report signed by Dr Femi, the consultant in charge of Mount Zion Health Centre, stated that there was a large pedunculated soft tissue involving the stomach.

“This is destroying the anterior wall of the system. There is multiple dulcification in the mass. There is a complete opacification of the stomach and the system. There is a hyperostosis and deformity of the stomach,” part of the report read. Monetary donations can be sent to Glory on account number: 1622811197, with the account name: Osuyemi Oluwaseyi, lodged in Access Bank.

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