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9 Popular High-Paying Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

9 Popular High-Paying Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

You need Affiliate Programs in order to make quick money in Nigeria, Learn how to to become an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, how to profit from affiliate marketing in Nigeria, which affiliate network is the best in Nigeria  and how to make good money online in this article.

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

Below are the top 10 high paying affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

Amazon is one of the largest online retailer in the world with Affiliate Programs services. It is well renowned for having built industries thanks to technological innovation and mass production.
Due to their extensive network, it’s possible that you’ve heard the word Amazon several times and have likely made purchases from their online store.

They have a ton of things to market in every possible market sector.
They do a straight transfer and accept Nigerians. But because Payoneer is the fastest and most convenient way to get paid on Amazon, you must make sure you have one.

Importantly, the ideal method to increase traffic with this affiliate program is to launch a specialized blog that attracts the interest of a certain group of niche readers that are searching for a specific Amazon product.
Being a part of the Nigerian Amazon affiliate marketing network and making money online is not difficult and the program’s high commission rates.

Link to Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program: 

2. ClickFunnels

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

A platform called ClickFunnels Affiliate Programs gives you a lifetime recurring income for each person you refer. The platform is really a sales funnel that can be used to promote anything on purpose.

The main goal of ClickFunnels is to create leads and sales funnels that will undoubtedly increase visitors and guarantee a higher conversion rate.

The Advantages of Using ClickFunnels
You may integrate important email and payment systems more quickly with this platform.
You may instantly create funnel pages by yourself.
There are numerous templates that have been expertly created.
Additionally, through their ClickFunnel Affiliate Bootcamp, you have access to complete training to become a pro at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Sign Up Link: Clickfunnel Affiliate Registration

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3. Jumia Kol Program

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

Jumia is  well-known, just like Amazon. The good news about this affiliate program is that you may sign up without a website. It’s quite simple to sign up and get accepted right now.
The Jumia Kol program allows you to earn money despite the low commission rate.

How to Join the Jumia Kol Program

Kindly visit Jumai Kol Affiliate registration page, then fill out the online form to apply. Your application will be reviewed and if you’re qualified, you will be welcomed to the Jumia Kol Program.

You can join now and start promoting offers.

How to Promote the Jumia Kol Program
Once you’ve logged in, you may create banners, use links, and obtain App links on the Jumia KOL program website. Additionally, you can post links on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or advertise them on your own website.

How Jumia Kol program Works
This program operates similarly to others. You only post links to deals and products on Jumia with others you meet online, and you only get paid a referral fee if they make a purchase.

You must be wondering how Jumia tracks the connections to see whether a lead purchased a particular item. Stop speculating since the link you receive from Jumia actually has a tracking code.

when your  link is clicked, it registers on Jumia’s server and at the same time, a cookie is saved on the clicker’s device for a period of seven days after the click.
Tip: You can establish a site that mostly focuses on product evaluations. Jumia devices, such as computers and smartphones, is a prime example. You can choose something different if this is too competitive for you.

The kind of traffic you’ll get from this might surprise you. Jumia Kol program is a highly reputable affiliate marketing network with substantial commission to participate in in Nigeria.
Link to Join the Affiliate Program: Jumai KOL Affiliate Program.


4. Rakuten LinkShare

High-Paying Affiliate Programs
Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare Affiliate Programs is a top affiliate network. They are promoting both real and digital goods on the marketplace. Unlike other networks where you can sign up and receive approval right away, this one requires you to go through a registration process.

You must submit a separate application from each merchant to promote products on the platform in order to promote offers on LinkShare. You’ll need some prior knowledge of affiliate marketing in order to be accepted quickly after applying.

Rakuten LinkShare Affiliate Program Registration, affiliate sign up link.

5. TravelStart

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

TravelStart is one of the biggest online travel agencies in Africa, TravelStart offers a variety of travel services online, including flights, car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, and more.
This African travel agency is expanding quite quickly. A regional brand is TravelStart affiliate program. Consequently, receiving your affiliate commission is not difficult.

Hotel reservations across various county sites and the processing of airline tickets are required here.

70% of the money that your referral delivers to TravelStart is paid to you. This holds true for both domestic and international reservations.

Travelstart Affiliate Program Registration Link for Affiliates

6. Avangate

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

Avangate is a very large software and SaaS affiliate network. If you enjoy technologies like computers and other applications, you’ll adore this affiliate network.
The nicest part of this is that you’ll be so confident in your ability to make good money.

The majority of their software is always based on a monthly subscription, which gives them the chance to profit more as customers renew their subscriptions.

Just that it could be a little challenging to be welcomed as a novice. They offer many high-quality products on their network, which gives them a truly discerning and unique appeal.

Avangate Advantages
You can enhance your online sales, which boosts your channel sales.
Maximum client value, a direct route to income, etc.
Avangate Affiliate Program Registration Link for Affiliates


7. Expertnaire Affiliate Program

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

An online store called Expertnaire focuses primarily on digital products that are knowledge-based. Toyin Omotoso is the creator of this affiliate marketing platform.

Most of the partners claim that Expertnaire is quickly growing to be Nigeria’s largest affiliate marketing network.

Expertnaire Affiliate Program Registration: Affiliate Sign Up Link

8. Affiliate Program for Fiverr

High-Paying Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Program for Fiverr

One of the biggest freelancing communities in the world now is Fiverr. One of the quickest ways to make money online is by offering your skills through Fiverr, which you’ve probably heard of before.

9. FlexOffers

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

Another successful affiliate network is FlexOffers, which has over 10,000 advertisers and has won numerous awards.

The most intriguing aspect of this is that they offer tools, such as a detailed report, for evaluating the effectiveness of your affiliate advertisements.

You must complete a recommendation form, send it to the network, and then wait for your approval before making a reference.

You may also suggest affiliates and receive up to 50% of the affiliate profit as compensation, which is another really intriguing FlexOffers feature.

Regarding payment, you don’t have to be concerned about where you are. One of the popular affiliate marketing campaigns in Nigeria with a high commission rate is FlexOffer.

Link for Affiliate Signup: FlexOffer Affiliate Signup

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