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17 Year-old Girl was tragically shot, Because she declined the suspect’s approaches during the party says Prosecutor.

17 Year-old Girl was tragically shot, Because she declined the suspect’s approaches during the party says Prosecutor.

17-year-old girl was tragically shot, Because she declined the suspect’s approaches during the party says Prosecutor

According to the prosecutor, the guy accused of shooting and killing a popular youngster at a home party in Brooklyn did so because she turned down his approaches and called him names.

At the Oct. 10 meeting inside a vacant apartment, Javone Duncan, 22, tried to woo Raelynn Cameron, 17, but the latter was uninterested, according to Assistant D.A. David Ingle at the Duncan’s Brooklyn Criminal Court arraignment.

“(Raelynn) told the defendant to suck her d–k,” Ingle said. “(Duncan) brandished a handgun and shot the victim in the chest.”

The victim’s mother, Cassandra Adams, said that Duncan hit on her daughter weeks before the party, and when she turned him down, he slapped her in the face.

“He saw my daughter, and my daughter said, ‘I told you I don’t like you,’ and he slapped her for standing up for herself,” she said on Thursday October 27, to NewYork Daily News.

“That goes on a lot when these girls don’t want to mess with a trash type of guy.”

She added, “Javone is an animal, and he should be put underground. I wish we had the death penalty in New York reinstated.”

Duncan has a history of gun arrests — including two in 2020, when police found him with a firearm during a traffic stop, Ingle said.

After his arrest, Duncan said he didn’t shoot the teen. Instead, he claimed “that he observed his friend shoot the victim, and that he did not do it,” the ADA said.

Ingle referred to Cameron and Duncan as “acquaintances.” The bullet hit Cameron’s heart and lung, according to a criminal complaint.

Judge Simion Haniff ordered Duncan be held without bail.
“There’s no doubt about it. You’re charged with murder in the second degree. You’re looking at life on the back end,” the judge said. “The bottom line, Mr. Duncan, is a dead young woman and you are the alleged cause of that, and based on that I will be remanding you.”

Duncan proclaimed his innocence as he was led out of the 75th Precinct stationhouse on Wednesday night, October 26.

Cameron, who lived in Far Rockaway, Queens, went to the party at her cousin’s urging, her family said.

The cherished high school graduate arrived in her pajamas to discover a bunch of young people who all knew each other. She was just 10 days away from turning 18 years old.

Adams claimed that Cameron’s cousin left the gathering and locked her in a room with Duncan. Cameron contacted a relative to ask for assistance, but before anyone could help her, her relatives claimed, she was shot.

After being taken into an elevator, Cameron’s body was discarded in the foyer. Before she passed away, she allegedly refused to identify her assailant and said she had been shot accidently, according to police sources.

Her mother, however, thinks that by the time she was abandoned in the lobby, she had passed away.

“He did not shoot my daughter by accident. He shot her cold blank, because he was mad at her, because she didn’t take his advances.”

Adams speculated that her daughter was set up to be in the room with Duncan.

“She didn’t want no apology… She just wanted him to leave her alone,” the distraught mother said.

“I’m very upset that my daughter can’t… a teenager can’t tell a guy no, and the guy just leaves them alone,” she said.

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